Age of Aquarius amethyst young man 

Cemetery floor he used as a seat 

With his drums and alter giving life to the mourned he gives the place heart beat 


A world of knowledge and freedom in the form of a man aged twenty three 

A druid in training  blessed healer 

Suffered and he struggles what he's seen he can't unsee 


Celtic meaning name is straight and narrow piece of land 

Dual talking far from straight far from narrow 

Wanting for peace on the land 

A healing hand 

A helping hand 


He cleans and maintains cathedral grounds you know he has morals and awareness 

Passion for nature equality and fairness 


Tie dye attire 

I told him stay grounded 

Creative the elements earth wind and fire 


Give forgiveness heal your mum Kyle with words I said 

Bring her to life ..After all you gave a beating heart to a place of the dead 


Bare footed shamanic drummer from page moss you got style 

You gave me rosemary cutting..blessed be cathedral Kyle





Kyle Jones

Fri 24th Sep 2021 22:19

Thankyou beautiful sister for this it’s been a big healing journey since I met u at the cemetery me an my mum are getting closer am I am healing our relationship blessed be beautiful soul sister 🧙🏻‍♂️🌳🌛☘️🦋🙏❤️😘

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