Modern day saint

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Modern-day saint

Sunday,6th June 2021


Will I ever attain sainthood?

without being understood

without leaving food,

that is good nutrition for the body!


how can it be made pure?

without ousting the impurity

that lies in every cell

to tell about my vicious mind


how can I attain the ways of salvation?

when remaining knee-deep with penetration

for the luxurious test

and desire for spending the rest of the life


I don't want to be a sage

but remain on a page

with known evils already seated in

but not compromising with the morality as human


let people not remember my role

and label me

but I stand for modern-day sage

who has a simple urge to come out from the cage


Dr Hasmukh Mehta

D.Litt, Folt

Courtesy: John bramblitt


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