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rag and bone

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rag and bone


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’


on the day he died

the sky was cloudy grey

heavy with grief and tears


the day we buried him

the rag and bone man came


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’

echoing across the back yards


taking him away

in a long black car


we didn’t talk about it

our grief absorbed

like damp earth on a casket


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’

time will heal your pain


and it did

for a while


until a young boys dreams

flourished beneath the compost

of imagination


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’

the call of the old man

riding on a cart

pulled by grey horses


like clouds


drifting across the back yards

echoing down history

the trundle of wheels


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’


bring out your dead

the phantom intones

and through the twitching curtains

comes the nightmare

all rag and bone


# False Prophet ►


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Ian Whiteley

Tue 15th Jun 2021 14:59

thanks for the kind comment Stephen - and thanks everyone for the likes

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 8th Jun 2021 17:39

Fantastic poem, Ian.

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