Holes are where we come from

Holes are where we go

Holes you need to hang a shelf 

You make a hole to sew


Holes are small and holes are large

Some as big as houses

Some have holes in their socks 

And others in their trousers


Where would we be without our holes

To extricate our fluids

Everyone has several holes 

And that includes the Druids


Holes for stuff to flow from 

And holes to take the cream

Holes that have a tongue inside

To kiss and make us dream


Holes for some to live in 

Holes that some will dig

Holes that mice come out of 

And holes for beer to swig


Where would we be without our holes

To see , and p*** and s***

We would all be exploding,

My friend that would be it!



◄ hOl-Es!,,,,

ThE FaaAWn ►


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