Ghosts in the room they sit on my bed

They swirl in the dark and enter my head

They stir up the memories of life gone before

They float to the ceiling and crash through the floor


They wake me up in the dead of night

And make me scream stiff with fright

wake up with sweat that soaks my back

Or cold as ice that splits and cracks


I breathe them in a spit them out

They make choke and writhe and shout

Please take them rip them from my mind

Remove them from my brain and spine


Gripped with fear I cannot move

Pinned down now by Satan’s hooves

Hope dawn will come and free the night 

With sweet sweet air and rays of light.


To wash the world and clean the air

To feel the breeze flow up the stairs

To let my feet sink in the sand

By warm blue seas in foreign lands.


Let’s hope when night it comes again

It’s laced with scent , and warmth and friends

That hold me safe and hold me still

From demons who are intent on kill


And in mad shadows ,temper dreams

To steer them from those splitting seams

So I can rest in deep sweet sleep

My secret council let me keep



◄ ThE pAss Ion

BReaa. THE BreAtH ►


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