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Two legs good?

daliSalvador Dali ‘Little Ashes’

Turning statements into questions is annoying?
So, actually, murdering people is, like, wrong, yeah?
I think therefore she might be?
God can prevent evil but chooses not to?
God cannot prevent evil?
God is dead?
The repugnant are desirable?
There are two genders?                         
The two gentlemen of Verona?
Beethoven silences YouTube?
Women adapt too?
We must learn to acknowledge our own prejudices?
Being able to discriminate is the litmus test of intelligence?
A cat is not a dog?
Art for art’s sake?
Being rich means you don’t have to die?
Morals are for the little people?
Nurture Trumps Nature?
Private property is theft?
Necessity is the monster of invention?
Every cloud has a silver bullet?
Democracy enfranchises the mob?
A stone in a pool breeds many Satans still?
A rose by any other name will smell like rotten teeth?
A joke is the hole through which reality whistles?
One life, one encounter?
Thinking makes it so?
Hot Rats?


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John Marks

Sun 13th Jun 2021 00:35

Yep. I've always liked Zappa and Beefheart.

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Martin Elder

Tue 8th Jun 2021 09:22

Yeah you are right Greg. Was that intentional John?

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Greg Freeman

Mon 7th Jun 2021 21:38

I spotted a Frank Zappa album title on the last line ...

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 7th Jun 2021 18:19

My head hurts ? Brilliantly presented food for thought, John. As always ?

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Martin Elder

Mon 7th Jun 2021 09:03

There are so many great lines here that I cannot pick one out above the rest. Your words are definitely Dali like in their interpretation
can't beat surrealism
Love it

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