ThE pAss Ion

ThE PaSs I oN

 Setting suns gently sink into the night 

They leave the world without a light.

To rise again in every dawn with reds that grace the sky each morn.


To caress the world with gentle rays that dance amongst the meadow maze

It warms the earth with gentle care to bring us life that we can share


As I to gaze up into space

The suns warm hands caress my face

And soft soft breezes wipe my brow

I can hear you near me now.


My eyes now closed to feel your touch 

Those soft soft hands I miss so much

Your scent now makes my senses race 

I feel you now beside my face


A quiet whisper wakes the heart 

As lips  close to me now part

 kiss my cheek like lapping waves

Upon the shoreline of my days,


You like the sun go round and round

To bring me dusk and dawns not found

To greet my  eyes with shafts of light

That forever make my life so bright.


19/03/2021 00.05- 00..25


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