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Soldier, Sailor, Air Force, Dad


Soldier, Sailor – Air Force, Dad



          Life is like, well, I don’t know it,

It’s something that’s happening to everyone else and,

The walls become unbearable as time slips by,

 As slipping by is not my life,

But other people’s understanding of my existence.


I share this existence though and often

I find within my dreams a request,

A pr...

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Gulf War

Shadow swimming

entry picture

(or I spy with my crying eye something beginning with 'D')


I,m going out he said

and maybe some time.

ok, I,ll leave a light on for you

she replied.


you don't understand he added

I,M  going out-


into a darkness of so many darknesses

where even the light of your heart

can do nothing fo...

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The Plum Tree

Outside in the forgotten garden   

blossom is falling from the old Plum tree

When, as a child My mother would make me

Pick up the plums In the sun,

That fell like autumn leaves 


I would Squash them into plastic 

  'KWIK SAVE' bags 

'Make sure you get them all'    

 She would often nag  And nag

. To the sound of the warrior wasp,

  Flaunting his trib...

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Gareth Mathias Plum Tree

a cautionary tale...

entry picture


When young Adam fancied a fumble

He asked Eve to make him a crumble

The serpent said yes

Then Eve made a dress

And now to our doom we all stumble.


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To Care and Share (Chants from Walkabouts - 4)

entry picture

Poem 33 of 230:  TO CARE AND SHARE 


D1 E1 F#3 F#2 G3 A1 A3 G2
G1 A1 B3 C#’2 C#’3 B1 B3 A2
D2 B2 B2 B1 C#’3 C#’2 B1 B3
D2 A3 A1 A1 A2-B3 A2 G2 G3
A3 B2 B1 B1 C#’2 C#’3 B1 B3
A3 B1 B2 B3 C#’2 B2 A2 A3
D1 D1 B3 B2 B1-C#’2 C#’3 B1 B3
D2 A2 A2 A2 B2 A2 G2 G2
D1 B3 B1 B2 C#’2 C#’2 B2 B2
D2 A2 A2 A2 B2 A2 G2 G3

D1 D1 B3 B1 C#’2 C#’3 B1 B3
D2 A2 A2 A2 B3 A2 G1 ...

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2 Taste of Time

entry picture


To snatch a fleeting moment –

Is to gain the time it takes,

Set it down, bring it back,

At your leisure for your pleasure,

Sit and savour so the sun

Can thresh your rushing life.


Draw out the spec of time

That compliments your mood,

See it chew upon the tension

That it spits out as you brood,

Bathe in all the full-on beauty

Of each instan...

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He said

entry picture

He stood and stared

at the socks in his hand.

She lay an arm accross 

her face.

He made to sit 

on the edge of the bed.

She moved her legs.

He turned.

She sighed

at what lay ahead.

He squeezed her foot.

She turned her gaze to him.

He said:

''We will make it through this day...''


words and foto T carroll




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Also by Tommy Carroll:

My loose checked tie |

Weeping heart.

entry picture

My weeping heart prolapses into Heaven
Pure beings never dreamed of violence
Pervaded by the spirit of sunlight scapes
My weeping heart sighs for a choir of fertile songs 

Glass plagues in suburban woodlands
crowned nourishment of the senses
Miserable woman dressed in blueberry bridges
Foolish Queen! 

A thousand seahorse dreams
Among the gunshot spheres of white ribbons
In the cherished image of feminini...

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Provisions August 1767

 Provisions August 1767

Bailing Twine    500 balls
One gross of Quarrels
An half dozen Halberds
Pouches (leather) a gross
A selection of Hafts, Shanks and Spindles
Pipes (musical) 4 sets (boxed)
Pipes (fumidore) 4 sets (boxed)
Broadcloth     14 ells
Meal    150 sacks
Oat    200 bushels
Seed for sowing
20 Scythes for reaping
1 Astrolabe
A Tumbril with straw
20 cans Lea...

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It means nothing

I remember searching for the perfect words,

I guess I was hoping you might change your mind,

Trying to convince ourselves that we don't live in the shadows of others

Is one of the more difficult of tasks.

We pass through life unable to truely speak,

Unable to truely know, and most importantly;

Unable to truely understand.

The body is seperate from the mind,

But w...

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No name | A Revisit From Forever |

it means nothing life truth ambiguity

Tawny Bridge

Hell mithered an itch that day,
an automated path down to the river
where I found the bridge, a sulky spot
to sit and slink my limbs; a dripping prose
oadolescence that would never disappear.
By the grit of this – seeing my sore gluttony,
unconcerned by the fish below - 
 a stranger was spurred to share my seat,

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There's Only One Jimmy White!


A popular snooker legend is receiving a testimonial this year, and I have penned this tribute to celebrate him... 
There's Only One Jimmy White!
by Alain English

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Also by Alain English:

The Aberdeen Poems by Alain English |


How can love cover the distance?

How can love manage the space?

The memory's a miracle worker

But it doesn't make up for your face.


For a lifetime you lived close by me

I saw you most every day

And I thought that you'd always be there

But suddenly you went away


You can't put a price on the life we knew

But when you left that life was through


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Defying Age

entry picture

I, have always been

I, have always seen.

I, have watched the world

And seen its history unfurled.


I, shall always be

I, shall always see.

I, have watched my friends get old

But age dies not weary me, I’m bold.


I, am what I make myself

I, am what I want to be.

I, will not give in to time

The future is still mine.


I, shall go on an...

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going round the twist

entry picture



my body knows its spiralling DNA

thoughts helter skelter down 

on this double helix of  evolution


my mind knows infinity is its home 

ideas  diffuse through the universe

thoughts expanding  with  the stars


a  journey through life

expectations collapsed

responsibility diminished

understanding illuminated



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Morning prayer

entry picture

Go praise thou the Lord! It's seven o'clock!
You cannot afford to slumber ad hoc.
Five times you've hit snooze, and you've wasted an hour,
Forget your excuse, and go get in the shower.

Go praise thou the Lord! The prayerbook awaits,
its words unexplored, so get on your skates.
It stands on the shelf for the start of the day,
for Jesus himself rose up early to pray.

Go praise tho...

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Sitting patiently atop his tree camouflaged

against the enemy, the sniper waits.

For three days and three nights he has waited

to do his duty for Imperial Japan.

Along the trail walks the enemy. Alert and ready

but not looking up, for this is where the sniper is,

waiting, watching, ready right now.

Levelling his gun, he takes careful aim.


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poems i read at Rochdale town hall march29 | SWIM IN THE SEA | HOW FED UP | DYING PRETTY | FIGHTER PILOT | One with the Storm and new sea themed ebook link | LET SLEEP COMETH | HOW COME | AMERICAN MIGS | me live in the sandbar | OVER | CONVERT |

austrailiadeathfar eastimperial japan armymensniperwarww2

I Admit I Am Ambivalent



I meet the compulsion

that leads me to write

in the burgeoning day

and the gathering night

and draw, from the wings

of a turbulent stage,

impressions that litter

the waste of a page.



Me and You.  


I've emptied pens in vain attempts

to tie a feeling to a line, and

sought the answer to the question;

do your f...

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entry picture

Lo, our sun now fills a wan sky

with such wondrous light.

This magic god-star brings us our warmth and joy

and, from on high, his mystic rays

pour through dark and scowling clouds.


Our thoughts will not accord him thanks

nor ask why our souls must always try to

climb out of a soft cocoon,

a warm and loving womb,

to gain an unknown star ( so cold, )


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a partridge clucks and

ponies stamp their hooves

where mole-hills ventilate

and humus feeds the grass


no scurrying field-mice yet

for daylight still holds sway

centre-field a chestnut tree

where probing magpies root


a woodpecker’s drill

heard above the tones

of a distant neapolitan van

doing the ice-cream rounds


cherished r...

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Also by Philipos:


The Grey Clouds Loom

The grey clouds loom  The grey clouds loom  in the crowded night sky Where stars in the billions  Are born and then die The lightning flash The darkness' turn The rocks want to know What time has learned  The light

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A Trip to the Chemist

entry picture


“We’ve singles and trebles and this 12 pack here

Means old men can use one each month of the year;

We’ve ribbed ones and ticklers, all colours and sizes

And ones that light up and are full of surprises

And this one’s a novelty, first that I’ve seen

Which on your completion plays “God Save the Queen”;

There’s Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon and Mint

And even in Chi...

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Yellow Trousers

entry picture

Just had a meeting with the Director of Yellow Trousers CIC to set up creative writing workshops in South East to promote a better understanding of mental health through the arts. Very exciting. Here's the poem that the charity is named after, it might seem a little odd out of context as the collection is a sequence, but ...


Yellow Trousers


She can talk forever.

He does ...

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Also by Abegail Morley:

Snow Child |

Years end



Stealthily, autumn crept in. The once yellow fields of Rapeseed and Cord have lost their golden crop. The remaining stubble waits to be ploughed back into the earth. No longer is it burned to sear the land leaving black scars of sooty residue to be blown about by the wind.

Dandelion seeds float on air like a mass invasion of parachutist looking for new fertile lands to c...

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Also by John A Silkstone:


Looking Back

She said she loved me
and I waited around,
counting years and our children,
blowing kisses at pretty girls,
or anyone who walked by my door.

Its strange,
in that foreign country
I found it hard to write.

I used to dance
in the imagination of others back then,
used to love my little women.
I'd drink them in at 3am
with sea salt and lime.
They'd never know what happened

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The Wheelie-bin Murder


He surmised it had been done

by a couple of teenagers

with a lit rag, although it was still

purely conjecture on his part

at this point.


Unfortunately for him, what was

evident was that his blue recycling-

bin had been full, so he had put the rest

of the newspapers and magazines

in the main one.


The flame caught, and the full thing


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Agape ( A-gap-ay)

If we could imagine the love of one who loves men purely for their own sake, and not because of any need or desire of his own, purely desires their good, and yet loves them wholly, not for what at this moment they are, but for what he knows he can make of them because he made them, then we should have in our minds some true image of the love of the Father and Creator of mankind.

O. C. Quick


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Most of us find life difficult to avoid, in a way that I find quite curious Choosing the right path to follow at speed, makes some us quite furious The answers aren't easy, but O-U-S might just be a key It ain't the answer to life and everything - say “that's 42!” - I might agree    Well, life has its’ ups and downs, it's fluid, we can hardl...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Two Suns |


Your Space or Mine

The barren whitewashed walls won’t talk

in the absence of graffiti;

no scripture scrawled in paint or chalk,

no importunate entreaty


saying  meet me at The Nail Bar

on Saturday at half past two –

we’ll promenade the boulevard

like the gentle people do.


I’d write messages on buses

with my fingers in the dust

or the carts collecting rubbish


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I, thief


It’s born out of being


Of being

Depressed and

Crushed by decisions that

I’ve made.

It’s a disease of desperation,

Of simple


It’s an act of me

That I knew nothing of,

I am it,


And shifty,

Innocent until collared,

Guilty as sin.


Every other day,

I buy one

And take one free,


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"KRUNF!" Says The Fnurk


In the land of Scroodleflump, nothing works how you think.

Gruddles live in bongalodes, grass is the brightest pink.

Gruddles are slith and lanky, covered in purple fur,

Their bongalodes wood-built, when they’re sad they purr.


Mr. and Mrs. Gruddle are most stranculiar.

They scrunge and gruff about, their sproglet is Tulia.

Tulia has a stropple in the muddle o...

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nonsense comp

Acid Attack


Acid Attack


Seventeen, he saunters into the gents,

traces of a mate’s joke on his lips.

The two skulking men leer over shoulders

to appraise the boy’s threat.


Croaking Alright

as if pacifying a pair of dangerous dogs,

he selects the furthest urinal.

But they see the fumbled flies,

smell his sweat

hear his tachycardia and


slide ...

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Also by fiona sinclair:

The Room (revised) | ladies who lunch |

Happy Marriage

entry picture


A little bit confused was beautiful Spring,

She had to choose for life a bridegroom.

Who would  give her a wedding ring?

Three suitors wanted to be her happy and bloom.


March, April and May vied with each other.

About their great love they quietly talked.

April was for Spring like a brother,

With March she just often liked to walk.


Timid March g...

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Night Terrors

entry picture

Night Terrors





In a corner of the yard

against moss-lined red brick

chimes dance





straddling the mattress' width

I peep through

frayed-at-the-edges blinds


I witness nothing

yet catch sight of a figure


down the ginnel

striding with intent

over centuries old co...

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Night sleep terrors fear


When one night I dreamt’ I was sleeping
My eyes shut, my heart barely beating.
I lay, and lay reclined and reposed,
In depths nocturnal. In sleep, I supposed!
Then on and on, I lay again
Waiting for the dawns refrain.
Till it struck me through my calm
I had missed my stark alarm!
But on I lay, as one with my bed,
And dreamt’ I slept.
Or was I dead?


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Androgynous (him and her)

entry picture

Obsession once derived from love

love forbidden, not given

Failed release of endorphins, please be my drug My morphine

DisAmbiguity! Confusion, Love me and make love to me. 

An ambiguous form of possessiveness,

When distance prevails, fondness created,

Love and fondness mating, intercourse of words and feelings

Distance makes the heart grow fonder


Life fall...

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Back then

the pen had joy to bring

in seven year fingers.

Each word a smile brought forward

the broadest of futures.


Light shone through

gaps in the beat of the rhythm

but it never mattered

because I was writing.


The world was enormous.

Space opened up in large doses

and everything meant more than just form.


Come back through the...

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Before my eyes brilliant colour, perfection
Dancing gracefully in every direction,
The world of trees, the art of nature
Are simple reasons for a painter.
The power mother nature can release
Could make a painting, a masterpiece
A gallery of natures finest hues,
Enough to stir the most reluctant muse.
Should mother nature tutor me in art

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Captain of the Rant vs. Hair Explosion's new EP, 'Nudges, Whispers and Threats' now available for free download!

Hello there!

Just a quick update. Captain of the Rant and Hair Explosion have finally finished off their latest EP, 'Nudges, Whispers and Threats', and now it's available for free download from here.

Our last EP, 'No Copyright Necessary', was called a "beautiful and resonant work" by Big Wheel Magazine, and it got great responses elsewhere.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our latest instal...

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captain of the rantelectrohair explosionnudges whispers and threatsspoken word



Bring me someone new fast


No wait,

Bring me someone who is fast

and maybe together we can fall 

through these sleepless nights

like stars that burn out,

we will slip awkward, as we dip

fluttering like ash

we will darken the summer sky

filling it with heavy grays and whites


 We will become a flash of tumbling embers,

just built to spi...

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experimentalfound wordfree formfree verse

ThePoetry Spoke Open mic poetry- Guests John Coopey and Alan Ainsworth

entry picture

'ThePoetry Spoke'

Great poetry and acoustic music night-

This Tuesday Night 27th March- doors open 8pm!


La Gondola

22a Liscard Crescent

Wallasey- The Wirral

CH44 1AE (a stones throw over the Mersey from Liverpool)

Check us out in the gig guide...


Our Guest Poet


WOL's very own Yorkshire Bard!  'John Coopey'

John's poetry is; Metrical, no...

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Also by Chris Co:

Wirral Ode Show open mic poetry night. |

The wind of the wivering woggeldy woo


When the wind of the wivering woggeldy woo
came prowling the village of Kamchatkaroo,
it wiggled and sniggled and squeezed its way through,
and the whispers it glummoxed were steely and blue,
in the silve of the salvering sun,
by the silve of the salvering sun.

It ricked and it rocked and it renneled around,
the houses all filled with inquantible sound,
as it cunningly r...

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Also by Jim Stewart-Evans:

Haven't you got one of those? |

nonsense comp






There must be a death
if there is to be a resurrection;
The demise of something
in part or the whole of:
that portion of one's being...
Only then shall we see
with eyes new as morning's first light.
Only then shall we have
reinvented ourselves:
allow ourselves to take the first steps
laden with amnesia
of the former, forgotten self.
Come and cease...

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Arise Sir Pain


Arise Sir Pain, for it must be time you smote me again,
maybe I've had too many days out of the sun and the rain,
some change in the 'fluences that drive my pen to shriek,
will bend the moods I can portray & themes that I then seek.
Yes today a challenge is welcomed despite the ruptured peace,
tensioned tranquilities having their fevered needs to be released,

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Also by Dave Dunn:

When I Wake... | Inseparably | The Velvet Covers | Disparate Friends |


This Is What You Want.

This is the poem

you want to hear

not the one you need.

A brittle stone

to break an ear

where rhyme counts not as greed.


This is a poem

just like the last

with nothing true to give

but rhyming clones

of lines to grasp

an illusion for you to live.


For all my time this poem has broken

every part of me

and i have nothing left to s...

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Eyes closed

…So soon?

How quietly you breathe,

How slight

The gentle rising of your breast.

Swiftly indeed

The insistent urging of desire

Has succumbed


Docile now,


In her peaceful bay.



The trees

Are absolutely still.

And motionless

Wide continents of cloud

Have hidden the moon.



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The Disappearance of John J. Dyer

entry picture


The Disappearance of  John J. Dyer

(another try at this one)


Mr Dyer, in rainbow shorts, plump

and pink under a palm tree, smiles

as he pats Miss Burtenshaw’s rump,

golden grains of sand on the beach

flowing through his open fingers.


Soft over rooftops a lullaby’s heard

as Dyer dreams of the one-armed bandit

in the back bar of  his favourit...

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Also by Nick Coleman:

One Night Stand | The Heron | Re-written Red-eyed Steer |

The Pressure

I am pressured....

Their is so much pressure on me to perform

pressure on me to be glamorous

pressure to be the best

so much pressure that i just cant rest.

My head is spinning, my feet suspended so high off the ground

I cant take this no more!

I just wana run to a dark silent place, a place of no familiar surroundings

a haven were i can exhale and my heart can r...

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sunday snow


sunday snow

on the



a log eyed










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Also by Glyn Pope:

changing a fuse |

Tea Party In A Fox Hole

Photograph by Michael Nichols

Tea Party In A Fox Hole

I'm enrolled albeit fictitiously

In the School of Udhra

Committed at last to philosophy

Expressed by Udhrite School

Of poets who

"When loving die"

A Bedouin tradition and

It’s complaints

Of singleness and unrest

Of union and disunion

Dogon avatars carry

Duende through the ages

And I ...

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Fox HoleJ. Otis Powell‽Love is hippopotamusLove with ugly in itMichael NicholsTea Party

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