Skins is Getting Cancelled!!!

Skins is getting cancelled

Hip hip hip hooray

Skins is getting cancelled

How we've waited for this day

When youth will not be represented

As a bunch of twats

Who walk around in trendy clothes

And U.V painted hats


They glorified drugs at every chance

But i don't give a damn

'Cause now they're going to bomb the show

Like it was Vietnam

Now they're going to pull the plug

On mediocre trash

And up their arse, middle class poster boys

Who have a lot of cash


And talk about the act of sex

As if it were a game

Now it's time to flush the bog

And put it all to shame

Now's the time to look ahead

And paint another picture

Now it's time to wipe the slate

And start another scripture


One that lets the youth today

Be shown in better light

Not the kind of ludicrous louts

Who like to drink and fight

And walk around all brash and proud

and sickly self assured

Thank god it's all come to an end

'Cause I was getting bored


Now it's time to raise our voices

Now we can applaud

Skins is getting cancelled

Praise the fucking lord!!!

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