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Queer Terrorists - Collab with Brownie for OpenMind LGBT Special

I'm gonna cum all over this page
Swallow this microphone like a cock with rage
I is Brownie I is gay
Were queer terrorists today
This is Bidaman a suicide bummer

*The name's Bidaman,

wanted Suicide bummer.

My fingers tickle your insides like

an eclectic guitar strummer.

Like Oasis I'll strike a chord if only

the one,

till I hit you again and the bomb goes off.


*Spunk in your mouth

and cum in your hair.

I jizz on your mind without a care.

Then my fingers go crazy

like Clapton and Hendrix combined

from the top of your neck

to the bottom of your spine.

This poem is a bomb
Your mind is exploding
Brainwashed by hetero-normative images
This queer riot covers u in spunk and blood

*Why stick to one thing when you can stick to many?

I'd like to Big Bang with both Leonard AND Penny!

I'll make like a comic

as I watch them strip.

Then penetrate them both

with my Bidamanic dick.

I'm gonna paint your black wall pink
Gonna paint my nails at a football match

*I'll bum them in the terraces,

I'll bum them in the showers.

I'll bum them all in extra time

till shirt 69 is ours.


*We'll celebrate queerly,

No time for nearly.

Suicide bummers


hit the mark.


Queer terrorists gonna convert your boyfriend
Turn str8 men gay
Be glam tranny queens today


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