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My Anarchist Son

Oh my little anarchist son I am so proud of you

Make sure that you have fun today whatever you may do

Make sure your boots are polished now, and cover up your features

Say hello to all the neighbours and be nice to your teachers

Right before you burn your high school right down to the ground

And go on a vandalism spree 'til the riot vans come round

Then you can pelt the ...

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Benefit Scrounger (Working Class Hero)

I've re-written the lyrics of 'Working Class Hero' in this. Play along if you've got a guitar, it works better that way.


As soon as you're born they made you feel small

they gave you a little but you wanted it all

and you were prepared to do nothing at all


A benefit scrounger is something to be

A benefit scrounger is something to be


They enrolled you in...

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A Lifetime in Tesco

I'll walk across the desert two years and a day

I'll drive down the M4 the opposite way

I'll happily fight with a big pack of wolves

I'll dive head first at some big randy bulls

I'll run around naked in Afghanistan

I'll piss in the hat of a policeman

I'll swing at Joe Pesci with relative ease

I'll even vote Tory if you so please

But whatever the trouble, whatever...

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FONY 2012

A link popped up on my Facebook page just the other day

depicting war and civil unrest in a country far away

It said a man named Kony was the baddest in the land

and U.S troops could stop him with a certain helping hand

I was nearly moved to tears so I sent off all my dough

and shared the link so every one of my Facebook friends would know

I sat there in my house with a ...

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Skins is Getting Cancelled!!!

Skins is getting cancelled

Hip hip hip hooray

Skins is getting cancelled

How we've waited for this day

When youth will not be represented

As a bunch of twats

Who walk around in trendy clothes

And U.V painted hats


They glorified drugs at every chance

But i don't give a damn

'Cause now they're going to bomb the show

Like it was Vietnam

Now the...

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Johnny Was A Rudeboy

Johnny was a rudeboy living on dreams

Hung around with the scum and all the dope fiends

Johnny was a rudeboy his life was crappy

Some cans and a joint and he was happy

A sweet young man who had massive potential

But never got one academic credential

The boys in his class had the world on a plate

He chose to be an enemy of the state


Johnny was a rudeboy his ...

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Here in Devon

This is an alternative version to 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton. No disrespect intended, just something for amusement. Enjoy.....


No one knows your name

when you're stranded in Devon

things aren't quite the same

when you're stranded in Devon


I hear a sound

And start to frown

'Cause my car has broken down

Here in Devon


No one wants to kno...

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Don't Take Yourself So Serious

You ever get the feeling like the world is slowing down?

Like everything's a circus, but you're the only clown?

Like everybody got something that you just never got?

Like every track is tainted with a little scheme or plot?

You ever get a sense that we're all just floating round

in concentrated spaces full of colour, light and sound?

Do you think that we're on a rocky ro...

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Match Day

Strip the streets of logic

it's that time of week again.

Put the short skirts on the women

get the team shirts on the men.

Get the barrels filled with beer

and put your gumshields in.

Pack the bars and tip the cars

the match will soon begin.


Raise the horns and burst the drums

that lay within our ears.

Unite us all with ludicrous folk

and rid us...

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Don't Fuck with Dickens

Charles Dickens would be 200 this year, here's a little tribute.........


Well once upon a time about a hundred years ago

There lived a bearded writer who was rather good y’know

His given name was Dickens he weren’t half a clever sod

But some considered his subject matter to be rather odd

He lived within the slime and grime of dirty London town

And taking in surroun...

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Down by the River


I was down by the river when the music began

A half cut Rasta beating on a tin can

A slithering rhythm that crashed with the waves

I danced with the suits and the kings and the slaves

The bass line was rising, then sunk like a ship

The movement was grooving all down the strip

Girls on my mind and speed in my shoes

The tide was turning and I couldn’t refuse.


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The Cock and Bulldog Inn (new and improved)

There’s a wet whistle in the wind

On this frankly fearsome night

There’s a broken umbrella in my hand

And raindrops in my sight

When down the road I happen to spot

A partly polished light

And below it oh Jesus two pissed up geezers

Having one hell of a fight

One is caught right in the jaw

Wonderfully he hit’s the floor

The other one goes where he was befo...

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Make the World Your Ashtray

So that ye may not be the martyred slaves of time,

that you may be as boundless as a young man in his prime,

that you may be at one with nature beautifully sublime.

Make the world your ashtray, and never stand in line.


There are so many mere mortals and a certain little few

are full of ego-lead authority telling you what to do

and acting on a big idea that isn't qu...

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Prince Harry's Stag Do

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen
and subjects of the room.
I'm here today to warn you
of impending certain doom.

I will go in to detail
so sit back if you please
as I reveal a royal event
that may bring much unease.

I heard a wicked whisper
that filled me full of dread,
I'm told that dear Prince Harry
well, he might be getting wed.

That isn't the biggest issue though

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There are bouncers in McDonalds now

We are zombies, we are sheep

we have problems running deep

inside our psyche and our streets

which turn us into chunks of meat.

Dressed in Reebok, dressed in Nike

dressed up for town on a Friday night

it's easy to swallow a bitter pill

that eventually will make us ill.


But it's alright don't have a cow

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.


We a...

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The Food Chain

Bite, chomp, munch, chew, nothing else for us to do.

Deep fry, beef stew, burgers, chips and ketchup too.

Eat it all, eat it now, fish, chicken, pig and cow.

Get fat, stand still, overload, feel ill.

Get fat die young, munching on a Chelsea bun.

Spit roast, French toast, cholesterol at it's very most.

Fat and grease on carbohydrate, watch them pupils start to dilate.


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Black Jacket Rebel, White Coated Girl

He was a black jacket rebel with a chip on his shoulder

tattoos on his chest and looks to smoulder.

Met a white coated girls in a crowded bar

and within half an hour they went to his car.

As the windows steamed up they both made a plan

they said 'Let's get as far away as we possibly can.'

Her engine revved up, his heart shifted gear

and they rode off unknown without ...

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Punk's Dead

Gather round children I'll tell you a tale

about a musical movement modelled to fail,

it made us jump, it made us cry

and put safety pin sales at an all time high.

It mocked the establishment filled them with dread

put kids on the dole on a stage instead,

t'was a thing of excitement that let us be free

but ultimately it wasn't to be.


It began in the summer ...

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Hooded Youth

I wrote this after the riots to express my disgust for the knobheads who made the worst of an already bad situation. I still do have faith in my fellow youth......but not much. Enjoy x


Hey there folks i'm a youth in a hood with my hands in my pockets always up to no good

can't be clever even though i should can't change the situation don't think i could

so i pick up a brick an...

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Christmas in Camden

Sleigh bells are ringing
while choirs are singing
the soldiers are all coming home
It's the time of the year
when we live without fear
and nobody is ever alone

The christmas tree glistens in Picadilly Circus
and stands so incredibly tall
meanwhile i'll be spending my christmas in Camden
with no one to love me at all

I'm scraping the barrel
and all my apparel
is torn from...

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Tricky Mickey

Mickey is a geezer with suitcases galore

With the kind of stuff you find inside your nans utility draw

Like a pair of garden shears that ain’t been used in years

A slightly rusty door handle and cotton buds for your ears


He flogs them down the market to tourists and the like

He’s Mickey to his mates but to the fuzz he’s known as Mike

The corner is his office where ...

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The Big Society

When your town is sleeping peacefully

And the people are all sound

There’s food to fill the cupboards

And no inflation on the pound

When you think that there’s a heaven

And you’ve always got a friend

Don’t be so sure of what you think

There’s trouble round the bend

It’s lurking in the parliament

It’s creeping to the streets

It’s making sure that you get p...

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The Cock and Bulldog Inn

This is about those dodgy pubs you often get. The one's where you walk in and everyone drinking turns to look at you. The Jukebox cuts off and a curchbell tolls in the distance. You quickly get a drink and find a booth. You soon come to realise that some of the hardest men in town are in that pub. Maybe you can relate? It's a bit long but just bare with it and tell me what you think.........


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Keef Richards

Here's a little dedication poem to a man i'm sure has touched all our hearts, been in all our hospitals, played all our stages, nicked all our drugs and blown all our minds:


Let me keep this brief

How did you do it Keef?

Be a fucked up raving junkie

And then still be rocking n funky

Cracked you head upon the floor

Drained the fluid and still did a tour

Nearly f...

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