Arise Sir Pain


Arise Sir Pain, for it must be time you smote me again,
maybe I've had too many days out of the sun and the rain,
some change in the 'fluences that drive my pen to shriek,
will bend the moods I can portray & themes that I then seek.
Yes today a challenge is welcomed despite the ruptured peace,
tensioned tranquilities having their fevered needs to be released,
portentious stabs & gouges from deep within my treacherous flesh,
gritty fragments twist into my neurons as I scream out for redress...
Distraction is found in the news I then rush to seek out,
for the greater pains arise within conflicts we all hear about,
in Asia and Africa and the ever tumultuous Middle East,
there lie pain wracked bodies stricken by such an evil beast.
That beast which hides in the depths of many a man we know,
lies hidden until anger bursts through with it's harsh terror show,
true civilisation should have made that evil beat a sound retreat,
not infect more with rage from the passage of deadly defeat...
March 24th 2012


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 26th Mar 2012 17:01

Thank you all for commenting, I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it yet, but the main thrust is there. Best wishes, Dave

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John Duffus

Sun 25th Mar 2012 17:06

Great Work examining how we seek to mitigate our personal pain by reflecting on the pain of others, then musing on the pain of human existence; our relentless and ineluctable folly - that even a civilised society cannot in reality, ameliorate the excesses of our savage instinct.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 25th Mar 2012 12:48

Worthwhile for its accommodation of the
reality of human suffering on a personal and
far wider scale. But the challenge of whether
we have to accept the pain or fight to alleviate it is always there.

<Deleted User> (10123)

Sun 25th Mar 2012 10:44

First line struck me before I read the rest. Give us a minute - Quite brillig old lad - it runs from feeling line to the next and on until I'm breathless. Great job, Thanks very much, Nick.

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