Here in Devon

This is an alternative version to 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton. No disrespect intended, just something for amusement. Enjoy.....


No one knows your name

when you're stranded in Devon

things aren't quite the same

when you're stranded in Devon


I hear a sound

And start to frown

'Cause my car has broken down

Here in Devon


No one wants to know

If you're stranded in Devon

Worry starts to grow

Now I'm stranded in Devon


I'll find a way

Keep those cows away

'Cause they look like they want to play

Here in Devon


Time can break you down

Time can bend your knee

So I pull out my phone

and call the R.A.C



(Guitar Solo)


Beyond the moor

There's life I'm sure

And I can't take this no more

Here in Devon


Now the van I see

Rolling slowly through Devon

I made the call at 3

Now it's half past eleven


I must be strong

And carry on

Even though he took this long

Here in Devon


He says 'Good day'

I'm on my way

'Cause I just don't want to stay

Here in Devon

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Anthony Emmerson

Tue 6th Mar 2012 18:42

And what's wrong with "Glorious" Devon pray? Tiz proper yur me ansum. It's a lovely place to live. My nearest town (Great Torrington) holds an ancient May Fair celebration each year. In the town square they erect a huge banner across the road which reads "Uz be plaised to zee ee." And, guess what - they are too! Friendly people, beautiful rural environment (very few council estates :) what more could one ask?

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 6th Mar 2012 06:57

I did enjoy, thank you! Shame you didn't do an audio and sing it! I remember the original song but not well enough to get the tune in my head. I should write a follow up - "Here In Cornwall!" For when the bus breaks down!

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