Johnny Was A Rudeboy

Johnny was a rudeboy living on dreams

Hung around with the scum and all the dope fiends

Johnny was a rudeboy his life was crappy

Some cans and a joint and he was happy

A sweet young man who had massive potential

But never got one academic credential

The boys in his class had the world on a plate

He chose to be an enemy of the state


Johnny was a rudeboy his mates were too

Standing in line on that rotten dole queue

Johnny was a rudeboy with a bright idea

'I'll work in Tesco, Boots or Ikea'

So he did nine to five was a slave to the city

Working in a job where the pay was shitty

The boss was enough to make him ill

So he left with severance straight from the till


Johnny was a rudeboy with a good plan

Sprayed his name on the corner where he'd stand

Johnny was a rudeboy the guy was sound

He had the best weed in all of town

He made his money to pay the rent

His pocket knife was dull and bent

He came across all loaded and tough

But the money he made was never enough


Johnny was a rudeboy a lamb to the slaughter

He soon fell in love with the constable's daughter

Now Johnny was a rudeboy earning for two

And he knew exactly what he had to do

He asked her 'When does your dad go out?'

She said '9.30 without a doubt'

She asked him why he said 'No reason'

But his mind was awash with acts of treason


Johnny was a rudeboy in the constables house

Stealing money for his precious spouse

Johnny was a rudeboy down on his luck

He didn't know he was a sitting duck

'Cause his girlfriend's mother had woken from bed

And put the frying pan straight to his head

The coppers found Johnny two steps from the door

Dazed and confused on the kitchen floor.


Well that was Johnny's short lived tale

He was fresh off the dole and bound to fail

Now his face is battered and pale

Johnny was a rudeboy, but now he's in jail.

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 7th Mar 2012 10:47

A cautionary tale. I agree with Ann a great performance piece. I like this. The 4 line ending is effective.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 7th Mar 2012 06:04

I really good performance piece I'm sure - you have such good rythm in your stuff. I enjoyed this - poor Johnny!

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