FONY 2012

A link popped up on my Facebook page just the other day

depicting war and civil unrest in a country far away

It said a man named Kony was the baddest in the land

and U.S troops could stop him with a certain helping hand

I was nearly moved to tears so I sent off all my dough

and shared the link so every one of my Facebook friends would know

I sat there in my house with a smile from ear to ear

thinking that I had helped some people living there in fear


Then a thought crept in my head that filled me full of doubt

I don't know anything about this cause to which I handed out

So I went searching for the facts to get the story straight

but when I realised the truth it already was too late

Invisible children don't give much to help folks on their path

they'd rather pay for propaganda and salaries for their staff

They only give a third of funds to people who need it most

while they lobby with celebrities so they can stand and boast


I then thought why nothing got done some years back down the line

I then found out that oil was found there back in 2009

Does anyone remember just what happened last time this occurred?

They didn't want to help the people when money was preferred

They'd rather storm the place with guns and ask some questions later

Why should they leave this country at bay? It's a money generator.

I get the feeling they waited for this campaign to arrive

so they could tell paratroopers overhead to dive dive dive


Then I realised that the U.S military action

was going to be fought alongside the Ugandan army faction

Who use rape as a war tool in a concentration camp

and make their people feel like they're the size of a postage stamp

Joseph Kony sure is evil but these guys take the biscuit

If I had the choice to be a child in Uganda I wouldn't want to risk it

I'd either be subject to joining Joseph Kony's army

Or American imperialism, rape and war to drive me bloody barmy


I thought about this right before I withdrew my standing order

I didn't want to open up the global U.S border

I didn't want no African children's blood upon my hands

I didn't want Invisible Children to have their sick demands

I didn't let my emotions run wild and allow my brain to stop

I didn't want Uganda to be a U.S oil shop

But there are still 6 million people who are blissfully unaware

So educate yourselves before you click on share.

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Nick Clifton

Sun 11th Mar 2012 15:26

Words of warning from someone who cares,
Well played - not out!
Ta much,

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Nick Coleman

Sun 11th Mar 2012 12:37

Good words.

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