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The Ballad of Jack McGee

The Ballad of Jack McGee (based on the TV show "The Incredible Hulk")
by Alain English

My name is Mr Jack McGee
I'm a journalist by trade

The paper that I write for
Is very widely read

We've published many stories
Of a controversial slant

But the story that I have to tell
Is one we couldn't print

I was in Culver, years ago
Writing up a robbery

The locals had some stories

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Who Are You, William Shakespeare?

Who Are You, William Shakespeare? By Alain English

William Shakespeare, poet and the writer

The wonder of our stage, and an icon of the theatre

Will you help me, William Shakespeare?

I'm a little bit confused here

For all that I've heard said about you

I still feel I don't know you

I'm mystified and curious

In need of explanations

I hope that you can ease my mind

By a...

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Shakespeare Authorship Debate

I have arranged a panel debate on Shakespeare's authorship with the motion 'Shakespeare Authorship Question - Does this Matter?'  
The speakers booked are Dr William Leahy(author of "Shakespeare and his Authors: Critical Perspectives on the Authorship Question"), Alexander Waugh (Executive Director of the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition), Dr Duncan Salkeld (Reader in Shakespeare...

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An Asperger Actor by Alain English - book for sale!

This is My Life
by Alain English

This book you are holding
Is my life
My experiences, my feelings
My actions all bound up
And summarised in ther

This is my life
Although very often
I wish it had not been

I don't want to blame
Or vilify anyone
My journey is my own

Many times I have judged myself
As a failure
As a self-deluded idiot
Who could never face the truth
As a coward
Who ha...

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