We lost Hugh. Flying such a beautiful little airplane in a blue desert sky, what a nice handling jet. Do what you want with her but no high speed turns too tight, might hit invisible wall in the sky. Dogfight every American jet fighter built none can beat the Mig17 Fresco. Turn on a dime, Russia did this almost right. Ultimate aggressor trainer, what better than to fly and fight against real Soviet/Russian jets?


Hugh lost control and entered a death spiral, lazy desert sky a kid’s spinning top. Almost recovered, entered a second fatal spin. Hit hard desert ground, dead. Due to his secret squadron flying Migs, the pilots had to dig their mate with his smashed crushed body out of the ground themselves and recover the wrecked jet.


Then tell Linda, his wife, we lost Hugh. He died in an F-5, you now a widow and your kids orphans. Decades passed before the fate of the lost pilot came out, truth denied to his family for so many years. What they did for our Cold War freedom, Mig aggressor pilots. Ultra secret flight to train allied pilots to fight the Russians. Some died. But not in an F-5...


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