Among those born as humans on the earth

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Among those born as humans on the earth
within their mind the mirrored planet lies:
the universe contained behind their eyes,
more tangible with every day since birth.
Within, each place you love is held for you
perfected; every friendship dwells therein;
and if you dare, a thousand tales begin,
and if you close your eyes you'll see it's true.
        Within that place a forest lies, more real
       than all on earth, and all you count as dear,
       wherever they may be, you'll find them here,
       just as in life of sight, of sound, of feel;
there you and I will stay, and always be:
and when you need a hug, come visit me.


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John Coopey

Mon 19th Mar 2012 21:26

Very dificult to write in enjambment rhymes and still maintain iambic pentameter.
Deep respect, Guv.

<Deleted User> (10123)

Mon 19th Mar 2012 18:50

Should be classed as more than a 'ditty' but that's my opinion. it has a great sinusoidal rhythm. I enjoyed this 'ditty' Ta much, Nick.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 19th Mar 2012 15:34

Need more poems like this about what the mind can actually do. People seem so caught up in the supposedly `scientific` so called explanations about the workings of the material brain that they don`t realise what`s going on in their own heads.
well done.

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