Aionios Charis by Danny Metcalfe. 

“Metcalfe weaves rich, earthy imagery with vast dreams of the cosmos. He explores the inner through the outer, provoking visions of eternity, gracefully leading the reader through the edge of the solar system into the infinite abyss and back into the depths of the ocean bed. Love is emphatical...

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Stars of Eros.

The stars under my feet, the white country songs of 
the marble sun morn the western flight in waves and 
white robes and I see the other side with eyes of long 
veils. There in the eastern cave of serene shades the 
musk of Eros lingers in fair springs. O fair maid! O 
little heart! Ever watchful and woeful in the folly of 

I shiver in the starlight. Come, lily dreaming weeping...

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Candle burning with a blow.

Birthday sex
Happy eating cake,
bought with money 
while standing on a 
candle burning 
a blow. 

Lady light high 
half white 
young eyes. 

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The Marching Kingdom.

The beasts of the midnight shade deepening 
in the tearless night where hearts are opened and skulled. You must be dreaming! 
Lust and anger in the mist! The blue eyes of my age! Sins inflamed on my damned 
soul! The bloody sabbath in clear view, pure and drunken 
towards the marching kingdom. 
My spirit on fire! 
The nest 
of poor innocence where the 
is a mystery.

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The moon's fame, child of the sun.

My foot set forth into the birthday laughter

with the noise of spring dark and death by the fire

and the sleeping pool beckoning webbed knocking above

the rainy smoke sailing and brimming with

October sun. In the house

flocked with rosy praise and their raging arms towering over the

magic snow turning in

true joy burning brightly

the moon's fame, child of the sun, the golde...

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Pséf̱ti̱s. (Short story)

I told a lie once and now I can't move. Not one bit. The lie was only a white lie...maybe I'm lying. Ah, do not worry or maybe you should worry? But why? I'm lying again. Everybody knows I blow their minds and the sweet sweet sound of my own voice is all I need. You bloody idiot! Do you really want to know...probably not. Do you want to know the truth....Forgodsake (all one word) I want to know! A...

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Alcohol just gives me a bad head..Mushrooms gave me love and understanding..Bad head? Love and understanding? Bad head? Love and understanding? It's a hard choice..But most people choose the bad head...that's why everyone's so fucking angry and miserable. That's what's wrong with the world.. They tell me love is a drug..and if there is any drug I want to be addicted to it's that one. But love like...

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Dawn prayer.

It was late at night and God was ardent,

red hot and the window was open. If nothing

else my soft blue eyes cooled me down.


First I must tell the truth 'I love you'


'I love you'

'Don't tell me such awful things!' O what a disorder. My spirit is her spirit and I cannot run from myself!

It is you I have loved all this time...Our love will quiet man...

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Naked angel

I would have..


all the love in the world and my heart full of grace. And no ticking

of clocks no time just the eternal ocean washing up against my feet. The

politeness of the mind, an orgy of naked women and contemplating the music

of the wind. Yes yes yes the crazy talk of strangers wide eyed and hopeful and the

dawn listening to my every word! The starry angels around my cock...

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Paradise witch.

I'm living in a tiny town, a town with no prophets and no two eyes the same. The girl I love is long gone, a bitch with nice white teeth. Ugly on the inside and an odd beauty on the outside. I really cannot for the life of me stand her and my mother says 'Then why do you want to be with her then?' 'I don't fucking know' I reply. She has some weird magic over me that I cannot explain. Maybe she'...

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Night time colours.

On a hot night when sleep is full of sluts and the train is heading towards Paris I sit in a bathtub and bathe my hands so I can write heavy words with soft palms. Standing and yielding with my head high I was gentle in my strength listening to blues guitar. One more time in the bathtub with a beautiful lady who tells me sweet words that mean nothing so don't ask. She's bad for you my mother sa...

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Violet. (Short story)


'Everyone sees me as a whore' Violet said


'Escorting won't help that reputation now will it?'


'No one will know but if I can make it as a painter then I rather take that career path'


Violet was a Manic depressive and lived on her own with two kids. A boy and a girl. The boy was 5 and was just starting school. He was getting bullied at nursery but was told to ...

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Eastern Poem.


Eastern peace and eastern stars awake with the clouds. Nirvana. 
Magic Mushrooms. Gods eyes. O beyond time and space, I breath breathless an awakening dream of colourless colours. Timeless the eternal ocean, I lift my eyes to the sky dawning and I float away 
with everything and nothing. 
I dreamed of love, I dreamed myself, and the world was deep. Death did not glance but gav...

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Smoking the growing red night and is there nothing more but the blue

eyes waiting for the kings return? If only I could butter my blood. I will hunt down their fires

with my longing love and blossom far beyond 

the world. 

Burn like the night as the stars roll with fate. A Christmas card 

through the door. Am I weak? I'm turning into a mouthful of clocks.

 My heart the saint...

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In sullen love.

I set forth in springful years in hearing the shore,
Along with sleeping birds in October
And forgotten dawns listened
With childs eyes in the wonder of winter 
The sea stood marveled in joy
But turned away
As her heart moved in mine 

In the stillness of the morning room sits the rain,
On the shoulders of blackbirds
Brimming with fondness 
For the great wind that blows un...

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A stranger.


I laid dead and watched the warm winged rose of her breath soundlessly touch my distant heart. A stranger mad as angels. And by the soft palms of the raging sun I shall hold her And suffer without fear her dream.  
The mystique of her face tangled in my eyes and I saw the dawn in a basket of flowering life in a long walk.   
Am I deluded by Heaven and the vision of tea...

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I love her the same as the sun and moon kissing the sea. What is it that my heart is trying to explain. I love her as truly as anyone could love any being. This profound love will be the death of me. And that is what I want, to die and blossom into death. 
I lust after her essence , the softness of her lips and her eyes that project eternity. 
I have always dreamed of ...

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Dance of graved hunger.


In the flower beds of worshiped beasts my memory mutters sympathetic flesh, trembling in vile despair. The adored body, beautiful and mystic. 
New flesh growing in dark stalks. I shall find you in the luxury of the soul.  
And If I may be so bold. 
Humans worship a beast. 
For if you eat the flesh of animals, do not tell me you know what love is. Yo...

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Dead girl hiding behind buried mirrors which reflect handkerchief bouquets. I shine brightly in my tomb, I am foolish enough to wave the sapphire banners of eternity over her head. Her winter deliciousness in sight of magic shapes, I suffer in her perfect form. Our bodies are deceased in hours of silence, I purified summer in my adoration of her. 
Golden leaves of south shipless water...

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White blood.


O I spent nights in hell tangled on green water stakes 
I have wept the tears of the universe 
Seething rainbows devour calm oceans 
Twisted flowers sucking grey odors 
I have gazed into the abyss where saps of salt resemble panthers eyes, Human skins in brown waves herd the horizon. Black hot coals carrying me downstream to coloured winter wine. And for ten nights I...

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Weeping heart.

My weeping heart prolapses into Heaven
Pure beings never dreamed of violence
Pervaded by the spirit of sunlight scapes
My weeping heart sighs for a choir of fertile songs 

Glass plagues in suburban woodlands
crowned nourishment of the senses
Miserable woman dressed in blueberry bridges
Foolish Queen! 

A thousand seahorse dreams
Among the gunshot spheres of white ribbons

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Child of the dyad moon.


I soaked up blood from the holy land to discover the knowledge of divine love. I am bored by love. Dull parasites! So conventional! Divine love flows through my veins. Like a blessing, It tortures my soul. It has shown me my true self. The riches and treasures I have discovered have caused chaos and war. I have spent my entire life asleep, locked up in the fear of myself. Pale woman has i...

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For those who travel far.


In these crystal blue evenings, I stand in images of suicide
Vaguely lit by cushions of winter
I said a prayer to black wolves
In strength and in love
The shore tortures my laugh 
Oppressed beauty under white suns 
I dream of violet flowers
In the budding forest
sleepless everywhere 
O Endless love will intenisfy your soul

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I am a savior, I will the create the new world and captivate the angels. I shall unlock the mysteries of the unfathomable unknown. I shake the hollow hands of rouges of knowledge that have disdained this world.
Paralyzed voices shriek the grimace of their distorted faces. O what vacant men! I will enlighten you to unfathomable love. I have the love of the Gods. Pure and everlast...

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Her affection is scorned with fortune. My arrival is a new torment. I have become a scarlet of holy treasures since I discovered infinite life on a nocturnal level. I precede God, but It is God that awaits you. My memories of blue hours in winter are precious to me, our pure love flourished then. We sunk in grievous skepticism, I do not regret this divine potion. And being the prophet...

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I have swallowed the sea and I have drowned in myself. I take pleasure in moonlight scrapes. My ambitions are of those creatures of spiritual harmony, resting peacefully in Hell and in Heaven. I am alive! The dead loveless beasts. The soulless mediocre puppets of society! Taking pride slaying the pure flesh of animals. I belittle Human law! I possess the truth! 

Childish odors and worthles...

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