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Rat's Race

In the darkness of night, I'm a king with no crown,
A knight with no sword, no way of cutting life down.
The words they create, cut like knives to the soul
Media fed by derision to fill up your bowl
Spread lies and more hatred on sharpened tongues
To drive home divisions, where no one belongs.

We live by their rules, and follow like sheep,
Heed the words of the wise, before your long slee...

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moneygreedwealthSocial Observations


Spent another day chasing like each day before,

and what did it gain us this time?

It feels like we’re racing against a short clock,

in effort to scavenge a dime.


I guess I don’t get it - the purpose of such,

seems not but to gather in barns.

A quest to arrive at a distant mirage

with no thought of what the quest harms.


Do we consider, what else could be


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valuetrue valuemoney

paper trails

A president's reign,
forged from out of foliage
new bills
in their fine prints
“E pluribus unum”
… paper trails

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Forest Sun



Forest Sun

Laid out to pasture the company doesn’t want us

We got our severance pay then thanked them

Like they thanked us the day they made us sign

We belonged to them then we were slaves

Made to work in the forest cutting down trees

Or in lead mines manually extracting the ore

Many died for it was lethal work out in the sticks

The dead were replaced by new force...

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I've Been Wrung

Lick your fingers
Every last bit
Bend over
Take the hardest hit
Now, burn
And let me watch
On the spot
Twist yourself in knots
I want the final drop
Become dust
Collapse and shed
Until the last sparkle
Of my Queens head
Is spent
Until the last glimmer
Of her glitter
Has bled
You belong to me
I own your soul
That is how
You line
Every pocket
With gold

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Who is the bully?

Yesterday, I cracked the whip
Over a poor man’s flesh
At his request
Yesterday, I dug my heels
Into the crotch of him
Because he asked
It hurt me to hurt him
But it would hurt him too
Had I refused
The thing about me
Is that I'm not
- Me, I mean -
I'm a chameleon,
Master of masks
Slipping on disguises
Like slipping on shirts
I am metamorphosis
Shapeshifter, am I
With wolf or doe ...

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She was 19 and alone

No place to call her own

Two packed bags was all she called home


Her innocence taken from her long ago

All she is left with is a head full of dreams

She became an adult before she became a teen


Now she is chasing after Paper Love

For thirty minutes maybe more

Just knock on the door


She got her own room

She controls the mood

She w...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMoneyprostitution



Money is the soul to reach a goal 
It is the tool to play a role
But if you're miser or a poor 
No way to live happy and cool 


Luck is the wing across future 
but work is the core of the creature
To be strong even no wing 
Keep your effort to win the venture 


Poor & rich, should also search 
Money everywhere, we must fetch 
the only lazy .. also crazy 
Forever, no goa...

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acrossbenazouzcoolcorecrazycreaturecultureefforteverywherefetch lazyforeverfuturegoalhappyhopekeepliveluckmiserMoneymustplaypoorreachrichrolesearchsoulstrongtoolventurewaywinwingwork

Save to live

Invest always your time 
Time is life, why to lose? 
Read and enjoy your hobby 
To be happy, you should choose 

Put your plan to save money 
Money gives you happiness to live 
Never plan to ask a loan 
But should be able, too, to give 

Actively, go for good change 
World never stop at all 
Give everything time to deal 
Surely, you'll achieve the goal 

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Earning a Living











For a short period in our marriage of over thirty seven years I earned about two-thirds of the income.
I didn’t set out to do this it just happened this way. I was a Specialist in the Army. My husband was a nursing student and he was being helped to pay school and living expenses through the Veterans Administration.

My husband never complained ...

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The horrible truth about benefits

The benefit system is a joke
It pays the disabled less
Than those who doss,  drink and smoke
Pre-paid prescriptions for those who don't need it
And those who need them, struggle to pay, ending up sick
Medical necessities are not very cheap
Even painkiller prices are getting quite steep
And for those who's health is farthest from good
Its hard to get by when you can't walk far, before falli...

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bad healthbenefitBenefitsDepartment of pensionsdisabledfinancegovermenthealthill healthmedicalmedicinemoneyperscriptionssicktruthunableunwellvalid benefit claims


I'm ok. Overworked and underpaid. 
But what's it to them, they have it all made. 
I'm tired and pained but if it wasn't for the gain,
I wouldn't be out slammin out here jammin like it's fame. 
If I knew what it was all about
In the end would they pay out?
If i saw through all the lies and the cheats,
If they didn't cover our eyes, mouth, and nose with the sheets, 
And we saw what the money...

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cure my spending addiction

My spending addiction is getting so bad,

It’s even driving my cats totally mad.

I buy everything that I see,

I wonder what the next thing will be.

Any excuse to go and shop,

I just don’t know how to stop.


I took an overdraft out with the bank,

Wayne is on the verge of giving me a spank.

I buy multiple items of the same thing,

I just love the sound of the till going ...

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The Price Tag 
There's an S and a line through it. The S to me is savor.
now the thing with that is when life gives you lemons,
that "s" gets two lines the s is greed and usually bad intention.
or help it to grow and when it grows that s becomes an S,
and thats how the money symbol is despise.
Lives have been taken countries have been dispanded.
Those lines just seem bigger. The moment I em...

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Following the Money

From the North Sea, wild and grey
the horde bore down on Scarborough Bay.
I overheard one of them say 
"We're following the money."

Like a Viking raiding force
they'd moved their enterprise onshore
to probe beneath the Yorkshire moors
for oil and gas and money.

A mighty fleet of high power cars
overran the Scarborough Spa.
I heard them, wassailing at the bar
thirsty for the money.


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frackinggasoilclimate changepollutionYorkshireVikingsmoney


Call me a tightwad - thrifty - a Scrooge
Parsimonious.  Frugal.  A miser
After this, no-one will be richer
But words might make us wiser...
Dough.  Bread.  Cabbage.  Lettuce.
Chips.  Gravy.  Bananas.  Beans
Potatoes.  Fish.  Milk.  Lolly.
If you have the biscuit - you have the means
Dosh.  Loot.  Wonga.  Readies
Nicker.  Coin.  Lucre.  Notes
Bones.  Tender.  Funds.  Swag

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Work Day

Pounding the phones

Hello? Is anyone home?

Trying to make that dollar

While all anyone can do is hollar

Please, shh! Hear me out!

There's no need to shout!

Listen for a minute

And I promise I'll be quick to finish

Can I interest you in a quote?

On your car, home, or boat?

No, its not a joke

Not your average bloke

Out to trick and deceive

I'm just trying to do...

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I started writing poetry at 13.

Writing to relieve my mind.
To try to rhyme like my 
Hip-Hop idols.
I would of never thought 
I would be writing for a
Yes my brain is scholarly.
But my poetry puts me on
a Rocket Ship.
Flying me past the sky.
Past Cloud 7,8,9.
Past the stars.
I'm big headed like Jupiter.
I'm filled with nothing but gas and poet...

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Hip Hopmoneysell out


I see you know the ways to glow your bodies floating nowhere to go cash money that's all you know your womanly curves showing words through sight and sound you have no disgust no regrets somehow you undress willingly you let them see you let them see with all too bare but that's the way you were trained no underwear pantie...

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Legally Tender



The key of currency
is the changing of hands,
a baton passed on
in constant motion
that binds together
all its participants.

A fresh, crisp bill
is a virgin still,
between your fingers
whose anticipation
and epic journey
are yet to unfold.



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You don't have to look far to see where we're headin',

Look at Greece and Ireland it's a bloodless armageden.

The Global Insurection Against Banker Occuption,

Is being fought on the front line by european nations.


Mothers and fathers skipping meals for sons and daughters,

The electricity's cut off, like the water.

Then it's out in the street,

The downbeat's com...

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First Class Ticket.

The lonely years spent on his own,
his romantically barren existence.
The humdrum job, the pittance pay,
he never shows resistance.
Every week he clings to hope,
by the TV screen he’s praying.
Fourteen million to one, a so slim chance,
yet he thinks this is mine for the taking.

The machine it turns, the numbers drop,
he can’t believe what he’s seeing,
six in a row, ...

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Mornin' On The Desert

Mornin' on the desert, and the wind is blowin' free,

the elements have freedom,

but what about me?


Trailing from bar to bar

like new age saloons,

why's it so hard

just to find me a home?


I keep on wandering,

wondering where's my milk and honey?

People sippin' on moonshine

or as some call it money.


Mornin' on the desert, and th...

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Deep Recession


I was prompted to dig this one out by reading the piece Lyn Dye posted about Bankers...

Now edited a little, which might cover some points raised in comments below  :-)


Deep recession brings depressions

Credit crunch too hard to munch

Should the banks take our possessions

When their brains were out to lunch


All their greed and daft lending ways

The blame belongs...

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What is this you call victory?

What is this you call victory?
by Ushiku Indigo Angel Crisafulli on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 at 22:35

What happens when a triumph

doesn't ring like titanic trumpets?

Hopes remain Titanic,

exceptional, erroneously erred

and sinking with realisation.


I decapitated depression, deep


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My Funny Money


Money are so naughty and cunning,

They behave just stunning.

I go out – they follow me,

I come back – they harrow me.

They don’t want to come back  home,

They would like a bit more to roam.

They sometimes don't want to go home with me at all.

They would like a bit more to stroll.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 2nd of October, 2011

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On These Streets

An Old Poem:

Cracked sidewalks
follow the stampede
of the craze
of the holidays.
Rain drops as tears
down onto pavement
as the stampede
continues to gather
their gifts
and spend their generosity.
In all the midst
of the holiday spirits,
they never look down.
They never stop to see.
Here they go again,
frantic to buy
for those they love,
but what about me?
When they go,
all I will have
are the stain...

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Annabel and Dave are sorted

toast the life they always courted

with Johnny Walker Black (imported)

by a geezer in Gibraltar.

Dave’s new boat’s a thirty footer

cowhide seats as soft as butter

room to practice with his putter

cruising down to Malta.

Made his pile in double glazing

take and margins just amazing

dreams of days of golf and lazing

on the Costa’s beac...

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                           I am element earth and ore,

                   the twinkle in the sawdust floor. I am the brass that’s

              pressed and minted I am the note that’s newly printed. The rattling

                                               change and ringing till, the dirty, dog-eared dollar bill, the jealous         


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