The horrible truth about benefits

The benefit system is a joke
It pays the disabled less
Than those who doss,  drink and smoke
Pre-paid prescriptions for those who don't need it
And those who need them, struggle to pay, ending up sick
Medical necessities are not very cheap
Even painkiller prices are getting quite steep
And for those who's health is farthest from good
Its hard to get by when you can't walk far, before falling where you're stood
You would think they would care for those who are sick
Instead they are expected to, alone at home, sit
No money for travelling, food, rent or clothes
No chance of heating your house, so you sit there all froze
No help with prescription charges or transportation
Without either of them your life feels doomed and already spent.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Tue 6th Nov 2018 00:36

You guys probably know me enough by now that I have a good controversial run, end up away for a while, write a few crap poems then suddenly whip out a decent one with a good point behind it out of the blue haha ?

Just want this to change. Tired of those in need being constant sh4t on by those in power who don't have to worry for anything whilst others literally make themselves unwell from stress and worry caused by just simply not having enough money or support for their health.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Tue 6th Nov 2018 00:32

Thankyou all. This was written after new found knowledge came about earlier today on the way home. It was the kind of poem that just writes itself.

I'm so shocked that people on job seekers and universal credit get free prescriptions, yet people on disability do not?

People on disability are paid less than those on universal credit or jobseekers.

People on disability are more likely to be removed from the system and told they can work, when they clearly are unable. For example people who cannot move/walk or are terminally ill are still "fit to work" in their eyes more often than not.

Things need to change.

Because the sick are less likely to start earning money or indulging in things that are highly taxed and will return money to the government, they give them less money as it's non-profit for them.

Yet how can someone who is unwell get better if they can barely pay for transport, medication, and in most instances where they don't live with parents, even barely afford rent and bills?

They're dooming the sick to get sicker.

And it needs to change.

I am very well considering sending this to theresa May, tagging her in it, mailing her it and even send it to other MP's.

Not that it would change anything, but it'll be more known

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Don Matthews

Mon 5th Nov 2018 22:51

A well spoken protest ?

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Mon 5th Nov 2018 21:22

Well done Hayley ,a great poetic protest.Send it in to Theresa May see what response you get.

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keith jeffries

Mon 5th Nov 2018 19:41


Never were truer words spoken. Say it loud and clear so that those who dish out the dosh know what misery they cause.

Thank you


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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 5th Nov 2018 18:30

So sad..and true..

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