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Higher power protect me from they who have false visions
Help me guide them to make right decisions
Help them see the good in me
Open their eyes and help them see
Lord I'm trying to give them my gift
And when they are low their spirits I'll lift
Annoint my beloved and help him to trust
and free his tarnished mind from lust
For all of my intentions are pure
Void out indecisive guide him be...

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Experiencing GodLightpreacherprophecyteacher

The Raising Of The Trickster

The Raising Of The Trickster


When the western sky turns slowly into the colour of an old bruise

And the last orange streaks of daylight bleed from the setting sun

A cold white vapour swirls through the fields of corn its fingers prising apart the stalks

As the lands of Albion darken and strange noises start to crawl from the mist.


At the edge of the fields there sprawls a ...

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CrowLorefolk lorefolk talegothicmythprophecyredemptionscarecrowtrickster

the doomsday man

  the doomsday man


surprisingly enough

each new day finds you

sandwiched here

between Burger king

and vacant lot -

thrice times woe man with

your brimstone smile.

slow dog-paddling

against the apathetic tide

that scours

these caves of Arndale.

your hand a flush

of trump card pamphlets,


in this game

of patience;

black aces of repentance

neatly sidestepped

as the ...

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                           I am element earth and ore,

                   the twinkle in the sawdust floor. I am the brass that’s

              pressed and minted I am the note that’s newly printed. The rattling

                                               change and ringing till, the dirty, dog-eared dollar bill, the jealous         


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