I started writing poetry at 13.

Writing to relieve my mind.
To try to rhyme like my 
Hip-Hop idols.
I would of never thought 
I would be writing for a
Yes my brain is scholarly.
But my poetry puts me on
a Rocket Ship.
Flying me past the sky.
Past Cloud 7,8,9.
Past the stars.
I'm big headed like Jupiter.
I'm filled with nothing but gas and poetry.
But a last I'm struggling to write a poem that could 
My life.
Scholarship for college.
But at the same people say 
"Money isn't everything"
But let's face it you need money to do what you wanna do.
Honesty is power
Knowledge is power
Truth is power.
And Money rules the world.
Let me use my knowledge to honestly tell a truth.
Money creates corruptions.
Corruptions destroys 
creative authenticity.
I guess my poetry is less authentic.
Making me a sell out.
But this sell out is going to college.

Hip Hopmoneysell out

◄ Bob Marley



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