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Wet Body

Wet Body

The muscle man has on his gold trunks

See how he dances oh so cool

His lady has on but 3 items

2 nipple tassels and a forward triangle

See how good they look together

An awesome couple like it was a film

Think what they do together

Does it make you blush?

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eroticcoolbody beautiful


You are so cool
In the things that you do
You are so cool
There is no one like you.

I am a fool
To think I could be that cool
If I try too
It would embarrass you.

You are so cool
From the heals on your boots
You are so cool
To the way you wear your suits

I got to prove
That my talents are worthy of you
Got to try
To make my own style.

You are so cool
In the way that you wa...

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poetryPrincePurple OmensstylecoolPoetry 2018Purple Notes

Out Loud



Let your voice be heard 
Surely you earn and win
Let ideas more cleared 
For all women and men 


Tell me what do you think 
How did you see yourself? 
Freely talk, no blink 
Why to keep it on shelf 


Open mind and heart 
Nobody is remaining fool
Surely you're smart 
To become happy and cool 

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Money is the soul to reach a goal 
It is the tool to play a role
But if you're miser or a poor 
No way to live happy and cool 


Luck is the wing across future 
but work is the core of the creature
To be strong even no wing 
Keep your effort to win the venture 


Poor & rich, should also search 
Money everywhere, we must fetch 
the only lazy .. also crazy 
Forever, no goa...

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acrossbenazouzcoolcorecrazycreaturecultureefforteverywherefetch lazyforeverfuturegoalhappyhopekeepliveluckmiserMoneymustplaypoorreachrichrolesearchsoulstrongtoolventurewaywinwingwork

Pixie / Minnie / Asia

It's a very sad day when a Loved one dies

human or animal we all only have one life

so we gotta live it up for the ones that pass

too the fullest on this earth is what I'm aiming at.

So let's up those downs and make the bad more better.

Even if you're feeling like shit or rained on by bad weather

you can overcome the end of this glitch called living

by cooking up you...

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