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Windsor Street

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Windsor Street


No bunting flutters in the breeze,

no boys and girls, dressed up so neat,

with not a scratch upon their knees.

There are no flags on Windsor Street.


There are no parties in the yard,

the sandwiches will hold no meat.

They will send no greetings card

‘from the residents of Windsor Street’.


There are no beds of scented flowers,

there are no...

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anti-royalistcelebrityhaves & have notspoorrichroyal weddingsocial equality

From Lexus To Flames

Helping other people can become infectious
so if your wealthy enough to drive a Lexus
consider the impact of gifts to a poor family
let those generous ideals bring hope willingly
to all that are struggling without fault of their own
for decent jobs are not there for all as is shown
by the queues at food banks and rooms to rent
as all the income they have is far too soon spent…

Wealth is ...

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caterpillars caterpillars
everywhere you look
creeping into corners
no one gives a fuck
peering from the darkness
in the shelter of a door
praying for forgiveness
hungry cold and poor

caterpillars caterpillars
down upon their luck
pleading from their makeshift beds
no one gives a fuck
pressing against cold brick
crawling on the floor
crying for their past lives

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caterpillardeath on streetshomelesspoorredemptionsheltersleeping bags

In Search Of Honest Politicians

Dream drunk, post punk,
who could see how far we'd sunk,
under the crazy bankers weight,
No politicians worthy of this state...

Once we had some national pride,
but under their greedy thumbs that died,
now we head for third world wages,
screwed by those on the city stages.

We really need to wake up soon,
before we enter perpetual gloom,
destined for slavery under filthy rich...

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Your body was found dead in your flat, three months gone and smelling like hell.

They came and took you away, to the morgue downtown, an unhappy place.

Clearing your flat they found £4.88, not much to show for a lonely death.

Always on your own, eternally in death. How sad no one will see you buried, a pauper’s death, the undertaker the only witness at this sol...

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deadend of lifelossno one caresno relativespoor

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