Deep Recession


I was prompted to dig this one out by reading the piece Lyn Dye posted about Bankers...

Now edited a little, which might cover some points raised in comments below  :-)


Deep recession brings depressions

Credit crunch too hard to munch

Should the banks take our possessions

When their brains were out to lunch


All their greed and daft lending ways

The blame belongs with the men up top

Yet for all their mess it’s us that pays

While the prices soar in every shop


Time will come when the folk say no

Tax and business take way too much

Those in charge - it's time to go

Politicians seen so far out of touch


Round the world the balance changes

Power and wealth do travel east

Here the west perceives the dangers

But what actions hurt the least


Consensus won't be here tomorrow

So many fight to keep their strength

Meantime many live in sorrow

While others will go to any length


Crime will rise if debts are steep

Further pains for all concerned

Desperate times for those that weep

Let them keep what they have earned



June 4th 2009

Edited May 17th 2017


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 25th Feb 2012 21:52

Thanks Isobel - I agree that the rhyme in this poem could be better in a few places - maybe I will give it a little refresh. :)

As for free verse, well it isn't that I don't ever pen that, but I prefer the rhyme & rhythm approach most of the time.

When I get into an experimental mood all sorts of odd things happen, hehe. Maybe I should dig out some of those though...

Best wishes, Dave

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Sat 25th Feb 2012 20:03

Hi Dave - I normally avoid banker poems like the plague :) but I'll make an exception this time.

Your poem reminds me that there is much to worry about in our current world - in particular your 'power and wealth do travel east' line. I fear that the West - in particular this little part of the West, has some harsh realities to wake up to.

Not sure if you ask for or welcome critique but I'd just say that some of the rhyming is a little forced in this. I'd like to see you do some non rhyming poetry - just as an experiment. I know that the likes of John Coopey haven't much time for free verse, but I think poets can't go wrong by experimenting with different writing styles. It took me ages to be able to write without rhyming though - and a good proportion of my poetry still wants to rhyme. The pain with rhyme is that you have to continue it through to the end - and it is so hard to do it naturally. Most of my rhyming poems have a wart somewhere...

I enjoyed the thought in this. x

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