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Can you see me?

Do you see me? Standing in the corner.
All black and blue like a Monet or Turner  
Hiding from view as to not make a scene
Whilst inside of me, is a silent scream. 
Childhood now gone I’m now an adult 
I ask, Do you see me? Do you see me?

Years of violence by the kindness of hands
How could I trust a mum and a dad 
I see you now but don’t look at me 
under this armour I’m vulnerable you...

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Your Scar


(For the girl who haunts my dreams still)


Dear Daddy,


Not that you'd care, but

All that I wanted 

was to make you proud

But, I was too stupid

Too fat

Too loud


All you ever did 

was bring me down

I was your scar

Your permanent frown


I was your verbal punchbag

In your whiskey fuelled state

Never felt like your child 

Just a vess...

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