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Giraffe Extinction

entry picture

Giraffe Extinction

I sign the petitions and it actually

Gets criminal convictions

Can you believe that?

I get Sosvox emails

2x a week


It’s sad but I view to see what happened

Then to sign and get the abuser convicted

That alone is worth being upset

I did the powerful poem about it too


I got strong reactions of many types on it which is good

Simply put, be...

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Our Vets

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Our Vets
What are we to do regarding our war veterans?
They served and fought for their country
Many paid the ultimate price dying in a far off foreign land
Or were injured by enemy action often carrying the mental scars
The cost of being a veteran for freedom the freedom that we take for granted
It's been like this since the 20th Century Wars and soldiers on and on
You all know the wars an...

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Peace Future Peace

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Peace Future Peace

I live in a world where you fucked me over

Stole my wife who was a damn mover

Worst of all you shot my dog

Burnt my car out even if it was junk

You tattooed my name on your head

And stalked me over six US states

But I am smarter than you

For I exist in your head

And live in plain site

Defeat me?

I win…

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Sorry, I'm temporarily done

Sorry buddy for what's gone on
If only you had actually known
How much that  I sacrificed for you
And this friendship that I thought was true

I honestly stood by you always
I was the friend that would have stayed
But in the end it was you that betrayed
Me in the most hurtful of ways

We had a history that we kept a mystery
Because it wasn't knowledge that we wanted freed
Why is that a...

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