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Save to live

Invest always your time 
Time is life, why to lose? 
Read and enjoy your hobby 
To be happy, you should choose 

Put your plan to save money 
Money gives you happiness to live 
Never plan to ask a loan 
But should be able, too, to give 

Actively, go for good change 
World never stop at all 
Give everything time to deal 
Surely, you'll achieve the goal 

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My studies have given me a legacy of interest in many and wide-ranging social, moral and ethical fields and concerns, as well as the politics of power. This piece is a manifestation of that legacy.


"The world is splitting open at my feet like a ripe, juicy watermelon." Sylvia Plath.

On her gravestone: “Even amidst fierce flames, the golden lotus can be planted.” Wu Ch'Eng-En.



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