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Elegy For Days Lost

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Elegy For Days Lost


Another day has come and passed

Left pain and sadness in its wake

The seconds, minutes, hours amassed

The sun will give the moon will take

The distant friends the loved ones lost

Amid the times of dread disease

Each family will count the cost

And curse the name of days like these


And yet the sky was clearest blue

I wrote a poem, sang a so...

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My Confidence

My confidence might be a house of cards, 
And topple over with no safeguards. 
My confidence might be a pane of glass, 
And be seen through and easily smash.

My confidence might be a rare mink vase, 
Worth much but breaks to a thousand shards. 
My confidence might be a beautiful flower, 
And crushed with just a little power.

But my confidence might be a bar of gold. 
Strong and valuab...

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You Have My Heart

When you give someone your heart

They have it and that's just that

There's no feeling of loss or of something missing 

Simply joy as you realised you had it to give

And gave it willingly, without doubt

Knowing it sits safe with the one you love

You have my heart

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It's a new season love

Time to evolve again

Time to set out; create new memories

Theres a universe out there waiting for you

If only you could see yourself from before

Then you'd know nothing can stop you

The sun moon and stars bow for you to bloom

You've come too far to back down

Too strong to drown 

Shine on...Shine on... young love


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