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Lottery - Poem by Marie 

I have never won the lottery 
but if I ever did I'd buy 
A lovely little run a round car 
something pleasing to my eye 

The color of my car would be yellow 
it would be nick named The sun 
I would drive to all the beaches 
having loads of holiday fun 

I have never won the lottery 
maybe that's because I do not play 
but the thought of winning millions 

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My Lottery Win

I spotted a slip of paper

Blowing around the floor
Nobody else had noticed it
So I had to go and explore

I chased it around the pavement
Through the bus station door it blew
I managed to catch it and pick it up
It was last weekend's lottery ticket, who knew?

It was for the big, multi rollover
Thirty million they said
And they were still seeking the winner
All sorts were going thro...

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First Class Ticket.

The lonely years spent on his own,
his romantically barren existence.
The humdrum job, the pittance pay,
he never shows resistance.
Every week he clings to hope,
by the TV screen he’s praying.
Fourteen million to one, a so slim chance,
yet he thinks this is mine for the taking.

The machine it turns, the numbers drop,
he can’t believe what he’s seeing,
six in a row, ...

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