I am element earth and ore,

                   the twinkle in the sawdust floor. I am the brass that’s

              pressed and minted I am the note that’s newly printed. The rattling

                                               change and ringing till, the dirty, dog-eared dollar bill, the jealous         

                        green-confetti dreams and Eldorado’s endless seams. Each widow’s mite and bullion pile,

                  the winning million-dollar smile, the Cayman Island fat account, the oft unspecified amount  

                  creed religion race and rank the begging bowl and global bank the Holy Grail and silver  

    spoon the right to call the piper’s tune the glittering prize and going rate the Babel tower the Empire State

   the spam and virus junk and porn tiger bone and rhino horn the furs the food the fire the fuel fickle lover of

         the fool tithe and tribute tax and tare the devil’s dues and Charon’s fare the one armed bandit’s

      lightning draw the bottom line the boarded door the bribe and bung - and bonus too the filthy lucre

         cynic view eagle serpent bull and bear the suffering starving baby’s stare doss-house dole queue

                   closing sale pauper’s grave and debtor’s gaol barrio ghetto slum and shack mindless toil and

    camel’s back sweatshop sweet shop store and mall forest fire cremation pall the greedy madman’s

     glinting eye the lonely orphan’s unheard cry the lawyer twisting right from wrong the politician’s greasy

  tongue the poppy crop the web of lies the empty addict’s empty eyes desert drought and hurricane

        poison river acid rain bleating beating heart of gold the cardboard caves the freezing old the hooded  

      mugger’s lonely violence the greasy palm the price of silence the roaring Rumplestiltskin dance

  the poverty of ignorance the corporate speak the silvered lies the weight of guilt on dead men’s eyes 

            statistic key objective fact campaign coup and Kristallnacht the paydirt diamond and the whore

         bride of Satan dog of war tumbling head and burning tower twitchy-fingered superpower the empty
           pocket in the shroud the shadow of your mushroom cloud traitor's hand and Judas kiss nadir

nabob nemesis sword and bullet bomb and gun Molotov and megaton the

smell of napalm in the morning the faceless thirty-minute    

warning end of hope and

 death of dreams a lonely

                      dying screams
                          the empty
              hand and
final chips
end of
ringing din
the wages
             of your
endless sin 
         your craven
idol lord
and master
of your

          I am


   I am












"… not the only fruit" and "three kisses" ►


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Fri 15th Jul 2011 21:10

Excellent! This is impressive!
So many great references to history woven in...

Some of my fave lines:

'the Holy Grail and silver
spoon the right to call the piper’s tune '

'the greedy madman’s
glinting eye the lonely orphan’s unheard cry'

'statistic key objective fact campaign coup and Kristallnacht'

(I could not access the audio on this for some reason)

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 5th Feb 2009 20:41

Hi Anthony, I'm just catching up and I'm glad I did, this is excellent, fantastic words and lines and well presented, great Jeff

Pete Crompton

Sun 21st Dec 2008 19:21

enjoyed the spoken version with the tempo increase.
It sounds like Philip Oakey on Travelogue. (Human League) particular 'Circus of Death' monologue.

A rich range of words, with some sophisticated references to money, liked that.

I would say the laughter is not needed and possibly detracts, though if perhaps you added some pitch change throughout, i think the laugh makes you jump and though its a devils laugh i reckon, or rather i prefer the spoken version without.

as I said, its great work and very enjoyable.
its the seventh wave on here.

Pete Crompton

Sun 21st Dec 2008 14:01

my favourite poem of the year.
love the pace
it would slam well
tightly written,no overkill, gets the checks and balances just right.

Its a style which I personally really really enjoy in poetry. I sense the frustration and anger, I like the underplayed vitriol too. Not a swearword in sight, not needed

bloody brilliant mate.

"the one arm bandits lightning draw" that's just superb.

<Deleted User>

Sun 21st Dec 2008 12:31

wow! how did you get that shape it's great and works

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Val Cook

Thu 18th Dec 2008 09:37

Gosh there is a novel in there . So much to take in and all the words well placed too. I agree its a great performance poem.

<Deleted User> (5625)

Thu 18th Dec 2008 03:59

Hell of a performace piece Emmersom,
well put together, should go very well at
a Slam, thanks for the read.

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winston plowes

Tue 16th Dec 2008 22:39

Well, Its an epic work, an one that requires a very deep breath at the start. You have managed to write so much on what is admittedly a big topic, but you have done it without any of the rhymes being forced or the meanings becoming tenuous.Like the shape too. Let's hear it performed. Winston

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Chris Dawson

Tue 16th Dec 2008 00:02

Absolutely fantastic. Can you upload it on an audio file? - would sound amazing performed. Reading it I found my heartbeat getting faster & my breath shorter with the rythm - quite uncomfortable but kind of excitingly visceral!

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 20:07

Great images there and a fantastic shape.
Turn it upside down it could be the bomb about to go off. You could probably even use the same kind of theme in your words.
Great stuff.

ps. I did lose the rhythm a bit in places but then it picked up again.

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