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Sometimes when life gives you hell.

I wanna give you heaven.

Lettin me into your family and life.

A true sign of love and trust.

I feel I always must tell you...

I love you. 

So the days you feel alone.

I'll be your tree to your lonely stone.

I wanna bring joy to your life.

Like Uncle Phil did to Will in Bel-Air.

I wanna bring you comfort every time we meet. 

Like ...

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How much is she really worth?

How much is she really worth?

Her beauty is gift and a curse.

A gift to me.

A curse to her. 

Not really knowing why I want her.

Thinking my mind is stuck on lust.

But my mind is the opposite.

Her face is beautiful and her mind is equivalent.

She leaves a mystery after we talk.

Got me wanting to know more.

Exploring her mind besides her pants.

I can't stop over thin...

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The art of giving up

The art of giving up is learned from those who not gave up but those who endured the most pain. 
The pain of neglection, and self reflection of seeing someone worthless.
Can make you wanna die or ride out like a Lamborghini suicide door.
You store all your faith and love in your heart. 
But let pain and bad thoughts, seep into it. 
Not even super glue can do the job of sealing the c...

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I wanna a girl who's the poetic type. Stays up till 3am just to write. 
Claims that I'm her inspiration. 
Puts my energy into her work. 
So it looks beautiful.
And she says I caused it. 
Our conversations are amazing. From national, worldly, sneaker, clothing, poetry and art topics.
She's mine.A lady in public, A freak around me, Nerdy in the classroom.A girl who can talk me from...

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that girl


I started writing poetry at 13.

Writing to relieve my mind.
To try to rhyme like my 
Hip-Hop idols.
I would of never thought 
I would be writing for a
Yes my brain is scholarly.
But my poetry puts me on
a Rocket Ship.
Flying me past the sky.
Past Cloud 7,8,9.
Past the stars.
I'm big headed like Jupiter.
I'm filled with nothing but gas and poet...

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Hip Hopmoneysell out

Bob Marley

And I quote 

"When music hits you, you feel no PAIN"
The man who was blamed 
for bringing Ghana and Jamaica
A man who people claimed him to
Be a womanizer
A man who believed in peace and
A man who LOVED his people
A man named a guru of 
We the people loved him.
Saying his name
Makes me vision three little birds
All three birds ar...

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R.I.PBob Marley

I'm a Nigga

I'm not a smart person.
I'm not a humanitarian.
I'm a nigga.
A nigga, who let college a coach use him and gave him false hope.
A nigga who can bring people together like JFK, MLK, and Gandhi.
A nigga with big lips and a big nose.
How can a nigga be a role model if he sells drugs in college so he can get tattoos and buy his sibling nice things.
A nigga who abused his powers in ...

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the N wordskin tone

Under Pressure

I've been lying to my friends and family for a few weeks now. 


Not lyin about my love for them. 
But lyin about my happiness.
It's not them its all me. 
I always vision and wanna see myself 
Being better than what I am. 
But it's hard to do that. 
When I can't be the man to pick me up. 
Like a player with good sportsmanship
My high expectations. 
Give me greys 

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