cure my spending addiction

My spending addiction is getting so bad,

It’s even driving my cats totally mad.

I buy everything that I see,

I wonder what the next thing will be.

Any excuse to go and shop,

I just don’t know how to stop.


I took an overdraft out with the bank,

Wayne is on the verge of giving me a spank.

I buy multiple items of the same thing,

I just love the sound of the till going ping.

Hair products of every kind are all on my shelf,

Anyone would think I have a lot of wealth.


Let’s not forget the endless make up,

Or that precious antique china cup,

I may not have that much money,

But that is what makes it all so funny,

That I would rather live off a can

Of hairspray, than go and buy brand new pan.


I need some sort of transformation,

To cure my real bad fascination,

For all things that cost money,

So I can stop being a material little honey.

And learn to stop buying everything in sight,

And learn to look after my appetite.



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M.C. Newberry

Sat 9th Jul 2016 17:37

An entertaining hymn to "shop-aholics" who suffer from
what my mother used to refer to as "money burning a hole in your pocket".
I would have omitted "the till going ping" in the second verse and used "the till's ting-a-ling" instead. But that's
just me!

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