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Auroral Resonance

Solar flares in tempest spent, Earth's veil angrily torn,
Charged plasma dances, skyward flight, in fury born.
Emerald and crimson,  a painter's dream, strokes the night,
Aurora's dance, magnetic wraiths, violet light
Transient beauty, fleeting flare for eyes to adore,
In silence held, earth meets sun's magnetic core.

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Skynaturenorthern lightsengland

Spring's Duty ending

Smells of wild garlic, bells of dark blue
Grasses in seed, blossoms of cherry
The garden alive, in the song of spring
We'll take it slow and let you limp round
It's hot today and sun warms your old bones
Sit on this carpet of green to enjoy
Flop on your side, old man, if you please
Not even seen, Robin, picking your fur
Postman arrival is not even heard
So you can take, that well warrante...

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Petsdogs mans best friendsaddeath loss friend

Grey Day

Well he's definitely very angry today
He's gone and taken the world's colour away
Left me with only white, black and grey
Nothing, nada, no red, blue, yellow or green
No trace of them, gone! nowhere to be seen.
Vibrant pink, warm orange and vermillion
There nothing left now in this colourless prison
So how to describe the earth's serene face
The tree's and the flowers and wide open space

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Mental healthdepressioncolourdark

A Monster

In this dungeon, dreary and rank
With surgeons tools, hooks and saws
And bits of animals, teeth and claws
A slab of old marble covered in blood
With needle and thread to sew if I could

In this dungeon,  dark and dank
With power and coils and much electricity
I'll strive to create life in my eccentricity
Limbs put together not quite in place
The brain is quite small, I've left too much s...

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Dark monstershumour

Beatles Tale

Hey Jude, did you see the blackbird down on Penny Lane.
And so that bird can sing,
Get back here, play on your gentle weeping guitar for him.

oh Darling, Lucy, I want to hold your hand,
in a sky with little diamonds.
I really don’t want to lose that girl but can’t buy your love today

Dear Prudence, can I buy a ticket to ride in your yellow submarine.
To get you in my life
And travel as...

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Musicculturepop musiccultural icons

The Lakes

A trek I undertake 'neath summer's tender glow,
Where fells, by Wainwright sketched, beckon me to go.
Traversing paths of stone, now shattered and dispersed,
Each step unveils a vista, nature's grandeur unrehearsed.

Verdant hills cascade, a concert of green shades,
Rock of time's own hand, by icy sculptors made.
The fractures, deep and worn, map journeys tread before,
A lineage of travele...

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Lake DistrictNature

Tide's Afire

I watch the flares of trickling gold
Hear gentle lapping on pebbles of stone
Sea bound adventurer lift and soar
In orange skies a shadow form

Horizon line, the suns devourer
Her fight begins in reddened anger
Casting fires fingers across the void
Setting oceans tide a line, afire once more

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Azure Dreams

I dream in shades of azure blue,
White horses crest, their dance anew.
Murmurs soft on gold-kissed grain,
Diamonds dapple, twinkle's reign.

Song of light in subtle fade,
Saffron fingers sketch, persuade.
Shapes caressed, each curve's embrace,
Warmth's tender kiss, the night's soft lace.

Embers burn to sky's demand,
Fires grand where heavens stand.
Ashes red in twilight's hymn,

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Always with you

I am here, connected to you
Hiding in the corner
Growing darker as the light grows stronger
Formed shape, cajoined to you
I follow you in the street or lane
Looming dark in mirrored form, defined
Ever present, twinned by shape

Creeping on the floor or wall, a mirror of your soul
Ever here, your silent brother 
Shaped in your darkest desires
My friend, your friend, a soundless mus...

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self reflectionmental battlemental health

Rushed Holiday

Friday at last, speed home from work
The flights tomorrow, few drinks a perk
It's that time, hurray! it's come round at last
But now i'll have to pack and make it fast
I'll pull the cases from the loft space
Unzipped and clean, put ready in place
I open the drawers and tip out all the clothes
Where's my favorite T shirt, God only knows
Three shirts, a tie! A jacket quite light
Not w...

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Weaving Lines

In script, I chase elusive breath, emotions' subtle pleading,
Such words enfold, deceit swathed in a tender, soft misleading.
To paint the world through poet's lens, the rarest hues I borrow,
In stanzas sail, through mind's vast sea, where verses trade in sorrow.

A tinkerer of syllables, line by measured essence,
Might muse perceive a poet's form, shadowed in your presence?
We waltz beneat...

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Self doubtrhymeimagerywords

I am at a loss to write

There are times I sit with pen in hand,
staring into the blank heart of the unmarked page,
as if it were a pond and I—a boy with no fish to show.

Words won’t come, as stubborn as a mule,
having wandered off to some far corner of the farm.
I am left with the rustle of the wind,
the idle chatter of the keyboard ticking time away.

Yes, in an old-world style I toy with rhymes,
abab or some...

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self criticalcommunicationprosewriting

Single Father

Youthful days are fleet and fast, adulthood it beckons
Maturity in years it grows, quickly in few seconds

Visualise your wings unfold and soar careers path
In dreams I see your face so small and hear mischievous laugh

Companionship vacated, in emptiness to wallow
Loneliness unfolds, bitter is the pill to swallow

Sometimes I yearn to rewind the days, erase the sorrow's tide
For you to ...

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I AM, (Both sides)

I am the serpent that writhes in your mind
Decisions, derision, words formed unkind
Mestophiles old, sat cast in stone.
Place steel in your hand that cuts to the bone.
Sameal seducer, moulder of man.
To cast doubt on a love, destroy if he can.
Grigori descended to mess with your lives.
Carry the hurt out on many poor wives.
Lucifer guides,  the road easy and wide.
Your lead to take, to p...

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They all come out the Same!


I see you here, I see you there
You sit upon my shoulder.
Biting thoughts, psychosis.
My voice it grows much colder.

Do I need to hear, I've failed this time,
You whisper in my ear
Clouded thoughts, depression
"You'll never be a seer"

"Your words they have no place
There nothing on their own"
Darkened verse, bipolar
Deep seeds of doubt are sown

Words are getting easier,

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Self-doubtmental warwriting

Post Traumatic Civilian

There's no stars out in this darkened sky.
As a curl up, on the hard floor to lie
I cannot lay safe, cozied on this soft bed.
Not with the noises and memories floating in my damn head.
The cracks and the bangs that rang out in the night.
Times I saw many men fall, disappear out of sight.

Was that today, yesterday, or maybe tomorrow?
No bravery left here there's only raw sorrow.
The noise...

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Warmental healthPTSDSoldierstress

Store Drive

I've being doing it for years I know how to drive
According to you were in a death race trying to survive
Yes of course I saw the big blue road signs
And I've stayed safe between all the white lines

I'm not to close to that car in front
At this speed I'm sure it would be faster by punt
You grab the dash at slightest move
Can't even use the radio for some clever groove

I do know wh...

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married lifemen and womencarsdriving

Flat Packed

It came all wrapped in cardboard
I got it in with a violent tug
She says, I'm sure you'll have it built and left me with a hug
It opened like Pandora box, pieces spread around the floor
I knew I'd have to borrow tools, from Fred at number thirty four
There's two number ones, screws and dowels in many little packets
She measured the space and ordered it, God I better hope it fits?
A degree ...

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Night's Embrace

My eyes see in a monochrome light, a vivid world of grey.
Thoughts jumbled and troubled, caught in a caricature of a play.
A melancholy melody, humming through the shadows of my soul.
This symphony of sorrow, echoing, no joy can it cajole
Whispers of a silent woe, dancing with the ghosts of past.
The silence of this madness, a dark rite that seems to last.
A haunting echo of memories, clingi...

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sleepless nightmourning losssadnessinner thoughts

Cinematic Dream

I'll sit and stare at the television
Get lost in this virtual prison
Life is not easy no yellow brick road
Or matrix created by some dark code
The sum of all fears, dreams on elm street
Jason and Michael a Halloween treat
Escape from a prison, follow schindlers list
Down eight mile, to listen to diss
Maybe get shorty, like a dark John Wick
Equaliser, rambo you take your pick
Chaos and ma...

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I was taken from this horrible place
All dark and cold and covered in waste
Separated from my sisters and brothers
Now in a cold prison with so many others

Pushed on the floor in a steel cage
Nothing for warmth, will I be here an age
They pushed in some scaps and a few drops of water
And wrote my name down on the next list for slaughter

Light coming in I awaken to cries
This man bangs...

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Angels Call

At a loss to know what happened, I did not see you fall
I wasn't  there, I didn't see when Angels came to call
A world without, memories now is all I see
I leave you now,  to say your own soliloquy.....

This is could be my own exposition,
Bills, money, world events, my own loneliness decision
People all around me but I'm hiding the pain
Physical illness or mental strife is all that I gain

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loss of humanitypain. sorrow. heart breaksuicide awarenessmental healthlosssadness



I've escaped, I've walked out,  from the strange mystery home
Im free to wander, the old places I'll roam
That man calls me brother, shouting my name
I'll shuffle away, what's his silly game
These keys in my pocket, now where is the car
How did I get here have a wandered to far
This fog in mind, the thoughts not firing
I'm sure to remember, shall I keep trying
Fred at the new...

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Old agedementiaendings


I'm tired and cold, rags gathered tight, so show me some pity
It's been to long out in this cardboard city
Food gathered and begged, no chance of meds, while you stay warm in luxury beds
A doorway, a tunnel, a railway station
A look of disgust from most of the nation
I didn't ask to be ousted from a normal life
To be fed to the streets in toil and stife
Clothes dishevelled, ripped and most...

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Homeless Veteransmental healthwealthsociety

Do you remember?

Do you remember those that are gone,
Taken so young, to cancer and war
Or teenage bravado, mental health
a lost passion for life, happiness, wealth

Do you remember those not here
Taken to soon,  before a life or career
Before the chance to leave a mark on this world, gone before parents, family, friends, all those dear

Do you remember those that were friends
Taken so quickly, before ...

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Lost friendslossmemory of you

First and Last


I last saw your face, on the last day of school
I spent many a year just playing the fool
My heart it still wanders to hot Sumner days
I remember your feel in passionate haze 
Your hand in mine, the feeling so light
As hot teenage passion develops at night.
Innocence lost at the hands of a boy
Your cheeks shone rosy, your smile so coy
Inseparable, strong, an eternal bond

I last saw...

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First loveOld FlameHighschool

Dark Side

I run through the streets in the dark of the night, 
A black hoodie, sharp trainers, a knife for the fight
No morals or goodness left in my soul
Others money , phones,  wallets,  my only goal.

Smoking and drinking, not school do I care
I live on the streets, do ought for a dare
A vandal , graffiti, the life of a villian 
My future is bars, held in a cold prison 

My childhood was taken,...

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The Last of Us

Alone I stand in the trough of a hill,
Limbs all battered, green fingers they'e ill
Deep marks on my body from battles of old
I long to give shelter to those, from the cold

My brothers have fallen, lost to an age
Men with sharp axes to gather a wage
Shaped into buildings and even the wheel
A land lost now lost to concrete and steel

The green places have gone, all lost to time,
No ch...

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changing natureglobal warmingover population

True Cost

They decide to divide us by race, religion and culture, add taxes and bills like a cold money vulture.
Put money and futures in lining their pocket, deductions and pensions on your wage docket.
Corruption and dealing, whilst blaming the poor, like oliver holding the bowl they'll show you the door.
In ivory towers showing no blame, they continue to run in all moneys game.
What's the cost of a l...

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Greedrichespoorsocial commentarypolitics

Rat's Race

In the darkness of night, I'm a king with no crown,
A knight with no sword, no way of cutting life down.
The words they create, cut like knives to the soul
Media fed by derision to fill up your bowl
Spread lies and more hatred on sharpened tongues
To drive home divisions, where no one belongs.

We live by their rules, and follow like sheep,
Heed the words of the wise, before your long slee...

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moneygreedwealthSocial Observations

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lament

In the depths of my soul, a battle rages
Between the light and the dark, not written on pages
Deception creeps in, a constant war within
Yet I find strength to help, to heal, to even win

I lead and mentor with doubt in my heart
An imposter's mask, a master of art
Carrying others' weight, ignoring my own
At what cost, I wonder, am I overthrown?

But still, I stand tall like a lighthous...

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Mental Healthimposter syndromeleadership

Lest we Forget

So I sit alone, cold on a bench, world's away from my comrades, that lie dead in the trench.
These hands that saw violence, these eyes growing dark, this world bathed in silence, a new journey to embark.

We did it for kings, we followed the crown, we rushed from the boats, I saw many drown. 
They pinned a shiny medal, right there on my chest, and I heard the bell toll as we laid them to rest.

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SoliderWarrembemberenceold agesecond world wargratitude

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