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The unpleasant poem

the wishing well's run dry, my inspiration torn

the new age, a new day, coming of age see the light of day


in a castle on a hill someone is wearing a long black veil

who's visage only appears by a black mirror's tale


like the burial of the dead never made it to the final game of chess

I rest my case: the bloody duchess married the vampyre on her deathbed

where they toge...

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In Waves

That phrase,
That phrase you love to say
It has become overdone, cliché
No, it’s not a phase
Years, not days
And see
I will not change
Not this way or that way
Though I may grow,
I may expand in waves,
I will not change
To fit your phrase
I will only expand,
Expand in waves
Is that okay?
That I will stay?
That I won’t change?
That I can only expand,
Expand in waves?
Is th...

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acceptbisexualchangeempowerfreedomgaygrowidentitylearnlesbianlgbtqownpansexualqueerselfsexualitytake spacewaves

untitled love poem

you said my smile is pretty

i’ve never smiled a lot

i always feel uncomfortable 

but you made me... not 


u asked to lay on my lap the other day

i know your just affectionate

but this feeling it won’t go away

just seeing you will always make my day


you are never rude

never mean

always polite

share some common interest

to my delight


but your goin...

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⚡ Thunderstorms ⚡

Running through my head
Rumbles getting louder
Scared things might be said
Hide away in a closet
Because the sound is so loud
Hide from the truth
Because the truths not allowed
Thunderbolts they are striking
Flashbacks of a lad
A childhood in silence
Adolescence was sad
But storms they get stronger
They gain strength with time
The rain is now pouring
I’ve a hurricane m...

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BisexualBisexualitydepressionemotionsgaygender/sexualityhiddenhopelesbianLGBTmental healthmindstrength

Don't want to hurt

I don't want to hurt no more
I don’t want to cry
Don’t want to curse no more
Don't want to live this lie
Inside I feel I’m dying
The pain it hurts so bad
I feel I’m losing control
Every day I feel so sad
I’ve felt this way for a lifetime
Thought I’d mastered how to cope
But the pressures getting heavy
Feel I’m living with false hope
Thought talking would help to free me
But I feel I’v...

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Lost Boy (AKA Lost Child and Lost Girl)

Lost boy, find your way home
Reach out your arms
You’re no longer alone
Lost boy, please don’t be scared
There’s a safe place waiting 
You just need to get there

People may judge you
And that is OK
If they have a problem
We can keep them at bay
Thoughts and feelings are normal
Its everyday life
The future is yours
So keep that in sight

Lost boy, why are you afraid
It’s not your ...

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As a child

As a child
Friends knocked the door
Eagerly excited
You were waiting for
To hear the question 
As it left their mouth
Asking your parents 
If you were coming out


As a child 
We’d run around
No care in the world
And acting the clown
Getting dirty
And playing in mud
Making as many adventures
As we possibly could


As a child
I was building a wall
To keep me safe
And ca...

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Pondering How I Got Here

At school as a teen

I was sitting in class

With all my friends

When the teacher asked

I’ve a question for you all

In this form group today

What would you do

If a friend told you they were gay

“I’d beat them and punch them”

The one friend said

“I’d kick them, and hurt them until they were dead”

The whole class cheered and seemed to agree

And that was the start of...

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Scared Child

Like a scared child in the shadows
Lurking to find what’s right
Strange feelings overtake me
And my chest is feeling tight
Why does it feel abnormal
Why does it seem so strange
I don't have one attraction
I have multiple in my range
Why does it sound so dirty
In an homophobic head
Why do I feel so troubled
By what others might have said
Is it them who have the problem
Or am I running ...

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Demons are coming
Engrossed with my brain
Their taking control
Am I going insane
They try to take over
The thoughts in my head
But I won’t let them get me
I’ll get them instead

Fighting with demons
Keep those demon’s at bay
Caged in a corner
Keep those demons away

When panic takes over
Those demons are close
They’re reaching and beating
They fill me with doubt
But stood in the dist...

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Do they really need to know

Do they really need to know
Does it matter, does it show
Does it make them like me less
Can they see inside my head
Do they really need to know

Do they really need to know
Put on a front and fake a smile
Things seem ok for a while
Until the shadows creep back in
And the demons start to win
Do they really need to know

Do they really need to know
Everything looks fine outside
But I’m cr...

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A love letter

This is a poem for a girl who doesnt know I'm in love

Her smile shines like the sun

Across her face freckles run

Her hair sits neatly just below her shoulders

Wish I would've told her 

But now shes kissing her

And dating her

And saying it doesnt matter

And i'm gonna keep wishing i'm for her

But first loves are supposed to break your heart

 So I'm gonna lie just to sav...

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The Living Room -A deep sea affair- (Please don’t drown)

It has been two years today
Since I have had a fight with my then girlfriend
And, crying bitterly, I entered the living room
Replied to my father’s concerns
And let him know his daughter was dating a girl.
No wonder he hasn’t spoken to me since.

But, this poem isn’t about me
And nor is it about a cousin sister of mine
Whose phone was found in the living room
Full with smuts and gay storie...

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deathFathersgaymasculine toxicitysuicidetoxic


I long for warm hugs on rainy nights

I long for good conversations on sunny days


I long for you in a world that’s tough on us

I long for you in a time that isn’t yet for us


I long for us.

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maybe, I.J.

i want to marry you.
maybe we'll both wear dresses 
maybe Skyler will be our best man
maybe my family won't be invited
maybe Steve will walk me down the isle
maybe our color will be black
or blue
or dark red 
or a deep purple
maybe you'll have half your head shaved
and I'll have an arm covered in tattoos
maybe our first dance will be to an Incubus song
maybe to an Ed Sheeran song

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Normalcy Bereft

They rewrote songs on the sceneries of their dreams,

under the same roof, in the same room, but alone.

Living in each other’s isolations,

so tiring, boring, sensual, overwhelming, warm.

In thoughts, several severely intimate moments had passed;

their knotted minds kissed intermittently, not seldom.


He knew he was boundless, liberal, enraged, , jealous, dizzy,

he thought h...

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discriminationequal rightsequalityfreedomgaygenderhomosexualityindieintimacyisolationlibertylovenightpridesexsociety

I Lied


I have lied for so long I cant remember the truth,

Even though this is something I should,

I have lied for so long it has become my norm,

But when the lies are exposed, it will be a man-made storm.


I have lied to the very people I pretend to be close too,

Only for me to fool them all,

I feel I have been betrayed by the very people that love me,

However after all this...

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Drawn by senses pulling underground

We fill the weekend night again,

Determined we will spill a million selves who never come of age.


We are swarming fetish butterflies,

Whose daytime chrysalises sit

Cocooned in drawstring bags and holdalls ready for the outside world.


And like giant insects, flitting Moth-men

Buzzing round bright light and scent,

We all will vani...

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You come to me when I least expect it,

As my thoughts, idle, spiral into the inky darkness which envelops me


Rising in a euphoria of hazy violet, unanchored, until you materialise, suspended above me, 

Drawing them around you, immersing yourself in the haze, as you

Drown me in hazel and poison me with possibilities, each more fantastic than the last;

Tumbling into my thoughts, ...

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AnteroscigaretteGayLoveunrequited love

The Absolute Need

Owls hoot in the oaks

the jasmine is heady,

I look from the window

and watch them together

scoop the moon from

the shimmering surface

drunk & unsteady,

I almost believe

we'll be happy forever

I'm 54 and I'm ready.


I almost believe

we are marked,

we are blessed,

so I'm keeping the vigil

to h...

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gaysexsex and sexualityspirituality

What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar? - NaPoWriMo Day 3

What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
Early in the morning!

Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Early in the morning!

Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,
Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,

Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,
Early in the mo...

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Anal TreatAnal TreetBidamanCanalCanal StCanal StreetEnglandGAYGAY barGAY clubGUMLGBTManchesterNaPoWriMoOpenMindREMRembrandtRentbrantSea ChantySilly SemanticsThe RembrandtUK

Bruised lover

I once had a dream

Of life serene


Of boyfriend near

Of life so dear

With technicoloured glances


Was all a shock

When life took off

And threw me it’s enchances


I stuck at home

And took the blows

of life’s little altercations


I met a guy

Of married kind

And settled for an arrangement


As life did show

No soul...

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Dont be a cheap drunken cheat

Bored of unwhored

Of cunting too absurd


Of dreaming of believing

That something can be gleaming

In petty horrid stores


The unchanced englance

Of beer coloured trance

That stains you with that putrid glance


Its all too crap

The trap you hap

To seem much better now


Cast away your cast of strays

And think of better ruins



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Queer Terrorists - Collab with Brownie for OpenMind LGBT Special

I'm gonna cum all over this page
Swallow this microphone like a cock with rage
I is Brownie I is gay
Were queer terrorists today
This is Bidaman a suicide bummer

*The name's Bidaman,

wanted Suicide bummer.

My fingers tickle your insides like

an eclectic guitar strummer.

Like Oasis I'll strike a chord if only

the one,

till I hit you again and the bomb goes ...

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How dare a married male lover call his boyfriend a dick head

Self estimating

Self sublimating

Hear me and weep


Self comfortising

Self un-compromising

Hear me as I pleat



Self obsestising

Hear me as I squeak


Lay no blame

Selfish shame

Hear me as I bleat


Say no more

Behind closed door

Hear me as I eat


On souls that shine

Blissful times

Begat me as...

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Gerry Potter interviewed by Dominic Berry about 'THE MEN POMES'

'The Men Pomes' by Gerry Potter
8pm, 29.2.12 - 3.3.12
Studio Salford, Kings' Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford £7 / 5
Tickets can be bought on the night at the door or bought online http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_northwest&query=schedule&venue=kingsarmssalford&month=1&day=29&year=112&interface=kingsarmssalford

Creator of Chloe Poems and writer of smash hit play 'Miracle', Gerry Potte...

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dominic berryfeministgaygerry potterkings armsmanmanchestermenmen pomesperformancepoemsalfordshowsocialiststudio salfordtheatreverse

No cunt no cry



Never have enoughness




Never play the gameness




Never to be shlyless


Gaydar your name

Show bums and shame

Please don’t txt again

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Do I text back the man I love

So tempted am I to reply

So tempted I am to be sly


To call the wife

Cause him strife


But I won’t

I shall be shy




I’ll hold my head up high

Withhold the urge to cry


Deny the feeling

Heart needs healing


Don’t you cry be sly




Wouldn’t do it


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Once-upon-a-time, a barman worshipped the Sun.

Worked nights so didn’t see much of it

but in his head he’d got stories of

the Fire God supreme,

Blaze Lord,

vanquishing monsters who'd eat out your dreams.


He called the Sun ‘Hero’,

believed it had six pairs of arms,

giant wings of flame

and the handsomest nose in the galaxy.

Made moons blush

and g...

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alcoholanxietybarbedbeliefbenefitscontactdepressiondoledominic berrydragondreamdrinkdrunkfaithflapjackflatfreed upgaygodgreenroomheroilljoblight sabermoonnightperformancepoempoetpubqueersicksleepstarstar warsstresssuntheatreunemployedveganvegetarianwizardworkworship

Homo World

What if homosexuality was the norm, not hetero-? A straight's 'coming out': Homo World, 



Homo World

Heterosexuality was unheard of in our town
the thing of New York, London, Manchester’s Mecca
on TV, in pamphlets
relegated to short stories
and Vaseline-smeared-porn. 
Rock Stars and Pop Stars
not everyone. Not us. 
Not in our town. 

Occasionally yo...

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No Strings Fun

Midst thighs of lies

And highs of tries

To meet the love you need

A seed is sown

Like numbing stone

Of petrified creation


A bump a chance

A boozd entrance

Of spectacles abhorrent


Tainted mirror in the glimmer

Sordid shapes that inward simmer

Showing you their beast their bone

Soon they shall be going home


Is this how the race...

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Should one assumes that all is done

The harm before us has un-spun

Don’t be defiant or reliant on constants life has won


For many changes can besiege us

Torment that sullenly un-shield us


A lover lost and friends that quash

A home for life or  troubled dosh


Despite the torrents cast before

Lets hold our head and say “what more?”


They s...

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Gay Divorce

Can I see an end to thee

Sending sordid notes of glee

Of lawyers letters threats and lies

That bring be forth this mans demise


You promised in your life with me

A funny sort of “c’est la vie”

T’was with no marrage

Yet divorce

To consider your law’s course

Of testimoniality

And coldness and extremity


I have no choice but to let go

Of my...

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Alone in Canada

There was a night in Montreal

I wondered of a gay man’s ball

I sat and searched the web all night

To see if there was such a site


I found a place called “le village”

With which its lure one should “homage”

Should I go or should I stay

Would be a wasted night I say


I sip my wine with glass a-brimming

Thinking of a good hard rimming



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Join me in this blessed spell

That cast me forth of wishes well

A love so dear that without fear

Shall bring beforth my lover near


Rok my love so pure in spirit

Fill you heart with thoughts elicit

Towards my soul my love my hand

We will together loveward bound


Touches kisses hugs and more

Shall befall us as our loves soar


Together we sha...

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The Village

It has lost its spark,

Its draw and lure

Like the one night stand from a lusty bed.

No longer a moth to the pink booze-fuelled flame.

The vacuous occupants of hot and heavy bars,

Attract me less and less.

Distant are the memories of the great night out,

The random in that bar, the flirt and the pull in the other.


They all seem so young and insignificant now


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For Dicks

For Dicks

There are so many people with their dicks out on the net

I don’t want to watch a man wank off on Chatroulette

or see you sell your wares on interweb gaylairs, cock out

arse up, backwards lean, angles gleam’d to make you look

good.  No, thanks, I will not ‘post my cock pix pls’.


At least in a way there’s dignity in porn you see

for some might say at...

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Via Fossa

Twixt bright lights and screams of queens,
A melancholy seed of gleam,
A chance regard or sultred beam,
On the face of loves new dream.

The lights a glare,
With music a blare,
The under-tonic sighs are there.

The lonely heart,
So bleak and dis-espere,
Another chanced look they bear.

Kindred are the many few
That gaze upon and ponder you,
Is it love or just a chance
Of ...

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