Scared Child

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Like a scared child in the shadows
Lurking to find what’s right
Strange feelings overtake me
And my chest is feeling tight
Why does it feel abnormal
Why does it seem so strange
I don't have one attraction
I have multiple in my range
Why does it sound so dirty
In an homophobic head
Why do I feel so troubled
By what others might have said
Is it them who have the problem
Or am I running away from me
That child who’s in the corner
Is longing to be free
Free from torment in their thinking
And the mixed feelings in their head
Free from peoples expectations
On what society has led
Free from muting their emotions
So they can express just how they feel
Free from societies conformance
So their mind can start to heal
We all look for some acceptance
But acceptance from who?
The start of acceptance
Is self acceptance from you
It’s easier to think it
But so much harder to say
Societies non-compliance
I was just not made that way
Still a scared child in the shadows
I have so much to be done
So I need to keep on learning
Because this battles far from won

© curiousdud3 07/2020


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Nicola Beckett

Tue 28th Jul 2020 22:01


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Emeka Collins

Tue 28th Jul 2020 11:24

Self acceptance is the primary acceptance.

Thank you Poet.

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