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Stay home

I hear there's a festival outside,

Laughing, joking, jostling and frolicking,

But I'm OK, I'll stay inside.


I heard they've brought Freddie back live on stage,

To rock and roll, it's all the rage,

But I'm OK, I'll read about it sometime.


I hear world peace has broken out finally,

Dancing and singing wildly

But I'm OK, I'll Youtube it later


I hear it's that...

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Smiling Mirages

The sand of the sea, what are they to me?

Smiling mirages that drift by in lines.

Tried building castles but it seems to be,

the waves take them down every time.


I guess there’s a beauty in watching them flow,

like a kaleidoscope, swirling away,

back to their nature where they always go,

leaving me here at the end of the day.


Looking out as the sun sets to the se...

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relationshipspeopledealing with peopleisolationalone in a crowd

Quiet Now

You sit there rocking,
no more people talking,
drifting with the wind across the grain.
It’s peaceful like you planned it.
No one make’s demands it’s
quiet now and every day’s the same.

It’s a shame
that something pure and free,
became a ball and chain tied to misery.
Like an island separate from the land,
the waters made you miss the life you planned.

So you sit there rocking,

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isolationbeing alonepushing the world away

Self Inflicted

Looking out from deep inside

this fortress here wherein I hide.

Formed brick by brick in rounds of pain,

some circumstantial, others made

by hand selecting from the first -

fine crafted moldings of the worst.


With clays of pity, doubt and fear,

mix in the water, make it clear

so all around will go away.

Form isolation day by day

til self-inflicted world of on...

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isolationalonewithdrawnliving alone

The Postman Came So I Know the World’s Still There

The postman came this morning,
the rattle of his letters falling through the door,
passing as my only real engagement with the world,
as I hollow out the envelope,
and scan the contents in eager anticipation,
hopeless in my pursuit, in this endless waiting game
for 10am’s rattle and clank,
to clutch in my purpling hands,
an eviction notice for the trepidations in my head.

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The boys in the street mend their cars.
A miniature garage, it seems.
I feel like crying, I feel so alone,
No-one to mourn me when I am gone.
No-one to miss me, no-one to care.
I pound at the walls, but no-one is there.
And if they are there, then no-one hears.
And if they hear, then no-one cares.
No-one to care, no-one to cry,
If I live, If I die.

The boys in the street are at it agai...

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belongingconfusionearly poemidentityisolationlove's tempestbeginnings

Lockdown Fatigue

Quick scribble. I just want to be the squirrel in the tree outside my window today. I've had enough. 


Up and down the Ash trees,

Round and round they go,

Unaware, oblivious,

Of these troubles that we know,

No Coronavirus seeping,

Through their very roots,

Dampening their daily walks,

Or tarnishing their fruits,

No handwashing,


Searing, hurting longi...

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W o r d s

The word into the world 

becomes backwards 

their ways of being change

sometimes they are silent 

sometimes they scream 

inside there is a deafness 

a space, that can make people listen 

I'm just not sure how to make them hear me...



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isolationPhilosophyshort poemSilenceuncertainty

Cry From Isolation — A Sonnet

By ACE8.6

I heard a baby cry today
while I was walking through the park.
The cry was not to get her way
It was strong, insistent, and dark
Was she too hot from the sun’s bright ray?
Was she afraid of the dog’s bark?
Was she demanding she be allowed to play
in the song of the Meadowlark?
This baby cried not for want
This baby cried to warn
And I became the confidant
Of this child wh...

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COVIDelectionisolationsocial distancechildren


Harry Harlow was a trail-blazer in 1930 he began

Research on rhesus monkeys,

Baby monkeys, he'd take them from their

Mothers and put them in

Isolation chambers for maybe two years to

Learn about dependency needs and

Maternal separation they

Emerged intensely disturbed which

Was too bad after reading about it

I'd feel sorry for the monkeys and the

Chimps that were inje...

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A Story of Hope

A writer yearns to tell their story, any story

that will stand the test of time

full of hardships conquered

and inspires generations with hope.


The story shall feel whimsical,

not so much with fairies dancing 

but that there is a happy ending.

The story shall have brevity,

not so much as a long weathered tale

but one that details just enough.


The story shall...

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The time to feel alive

We drank to remember

We drank to forget

But most of all

We drank to feel alive

It was not at all a time

For lively celebration

But one for contemplation

Grinding out the days

To live through this occasion

Hiding behind our curtains

A peak at the world outside

Frightened and lonely

Wedded to the bride Isolation.

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retreat, retreat

settle back down into your cave


retreat, retreat

settle back down into that space you crave


retreat, retreat

no more reaching out for company along the shore


retreat, retreat

no more reaching out for what’s beyond the door


retreat, retreat

the ghost killer haunts each of us


retreat, retreat

stay inside we must



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Blank Paper

I start the day with little to no inspiration

Much like everyone else in the world

I also start this poem

With the repetitive voice of exasperation


The sirens are blazing late tonight

As souls are being set on fire

But because of some peoples' perseverence

Loved ones' bodies are also being set alight


Recreational parks are not essential

Travelling out of the wa...

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I accept that they may feel lonely

The constant reminder from the media that they are isolated

Alone in their puddle of thoughts

Suddenly drowning in their echoes of silence


Against all odds I am managing just fine

A stream of thoughts flowing all day

Nothing to block my mind from floating away

Not today, anyway


My thoughts are not all positive

I am unbalanced ...

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Four walls

Little comfort

Self control, the rage inside

Missing choices
Voices taken
Expelled forsaken
No choice
To live..
To feed the fallen
Four walls
One door
No comfort,
challenges acceptance
we shall over come

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All We Left Were Birds

All We Left Were Birds


I heard the birdsong through the air

From far away and long ago

The sound of sparrow and of crow

And knew no human travelled there


They sat aloft without a care

No threat from humans down below

I heard the birdsong through the air

From far away and long ago


As time flew I became aware

Of how the seasons ebb and flow

When there ...

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rondelbird songcovid 19isolationnature returnshuman impact


I saw Mrs CV yesterday in the supermarket

she wasn’t at all what I thought she would be

middle-aged with a smiley, rounded face

nothing evil about her at all


There were too many people

at the check-outs

I ran out of there for safety reasons

passing her frolicking kids

on the newspaper stand


‘Hey!’ shouted Mr CV

loitering on one of the doors

‘come and pick...

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Sidelined Life

The sun sighted as a Galilean dream

As vision faded from the grasp of Winter

A kid leaned out of the window

Whispering out what he needed to say

But in needing to blurt it out

His mind submerged in uncertainty 

Choked between a tearless cry

And a cheerless laugh

As with notated thoughts all about

His room was littered

And the sidelined life he adopted

Was cast to t...

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Father's Day

When the crushing dark ice was enclosing

And the horizon a terrible sight.

Who spoke the warm words, to comfort me at night?


When isolation became overwhelming

And there was nowhere left to hide. 

How silent were the voices, that could have asked me inside?


When so desperate was desperation

And faith withering dry on the vine.

How closed were the arms, that could ...

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family poemsisolation

Stranded High


My heart aches, and clouds hold fast my mind

Thought still I hear

The silence of the waves

The silence of their Siren pull

wash like hemlock through my senses

Their echoes crashing on my island shore

Returning to the sea


Their hushed harmony

Foams surging up my beaches

A descant imprinted on my strand

Whispering back to the squalls



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Lie to Me

Lie to Me

When the halyard raps the empty staff

and the hurricane screams its rage,

and the water-mountains heave and crash

in their spume-flecked valleys chained,

and I look upon this wild expanse

shouting fury for my pleas,

and ask in dread “Do we stand a chance?”

Please, oh please take pity ….

…. lie to me.


When darkness infiltrates my being,

seeps silent t...

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The Voyager's Song

The Voyager's Song


I see the shoreline,

black and unremarked

sleeping in secret, supine,

an open door, strong

as a broad Yorkshire


weak as rags of sea mist.


Soon I shall fetch upon its sands,

where cold silence reigns

uninvited like the early dawn.


Beside me shall burn,

in isolation and awe,

the last bright flower

of an ancient memory...

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I wish to be heard.  To bridge the divide

auto-ostracising me from common

experience.  Common understanding,

inclusion and collusion in present’s

moment.  I think ahead what response my

actions engender.  My words carefully

controlled, observation

based: precision vocabulary I

once envied – recycled at will,

effect calculated.  For reflection

on me, upping my status, ...

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depressionself worthisolationsocially awkward

Normalcy Bereft

They rewrote songs on the sceneries of their dreams,

under the same roof, in the same room, but alone.

Living in each other’s isolations,

so tiring, boring, sensual, overwhelming, warm.

In thoughts, several severely intimate moments had passed;

their knotted minds kissed intermittently, not seldom.


He knew he was boundless, liberal, enraged, , jealous, dizzy,

he thought h...

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lovesexgaypridehomosexualityindienightisolationsocietydiscriminationgenderintimacyequalityfreedomlibertyequal rights


I used to be a savior, always to the rescue,

Then I tumbled down a dry well,

On a vast land of seclusion

As people refused to pay their dues.


What do I see for miles and miles? 

An unending bed of gold dust;

I'm fighting through the wind of vile

Shivering with hunger and thirst


Suddenly, I spot two arms wide open,

In the squiggly vision of blur,

Perhaps he's...

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Fears of being rotten to the core


Here I sit with a candle lit

As I rest and wait to commit.

To a life of blue skies and angels,

As I try to ignore the pain sensation.

Whilst being overcome with isolation.


Trying in vain to think of happy thoughts,

As the devil looks on and applauds,

And laughs and jeers right in my face,

Since he knows that he is winning the race,

As he picks up a faster pace.


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DepressionIf? hopeless feelings down depressionisolationmoodssad poemsvoices


(‘Ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye’ - The Smiths)

Pinch the rogue flesh slipping from my jeans,
Dig each thumb and forefinger into my hand,
Scratch me with that caress and turn when I blush,
Let the fire wash over my face whilst pretending not to realise.

Leave me be even though our legs are intertwined,
Please leave me be even though our mouths talk and share,
Leave me be even thou...

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Have you ever felt the icecold
gales of aloneness?

I do not mean
lone lee ness
which is something altogether
different –
simperingly subjective
and even desirable
(artistically considered).

I do not mean
forsaken, forlorn,
deserted or desolate,
neglected or torn;
for those words are shallow
compared to "alone".

I mean aloneness –
some subterra...

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