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Hiding amongst the molecules

I hid behind the veil

waiting to surprise you

but you never appeared

so I melted into the fabric

and became a part of the universe

that is never more to be seen

a molecule among millions

I found my place and am happy there

faceless, indivisible, a cosmos

inside a myriad of stars

a silhouette inverted

a ghostly whisper of a dream

floating around in a whirlpool


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No Answer


Either .. or, Neither .. nor. 

Your answer, is one of four 

Always "NO" or "I don't know" 

But in general "I'm not sure" 


Keeping silent is an answer 

Complicates the issues more 

Gaps grow in hearts faster 

To close mainly our main door 


Hiding always simple things 

That I'm really pleased to know 

Same as birds lost the wings 

How to f...

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