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The Truth Concealed

The deepest hole I’ve placed it in

and covered it with all that’s been.

Then beat upon that grave each day

in hope to make it go away.


I’m terrified that it will grow,

and so afraid somehow, you’ll know -

the secret I have buried deep.

The secret that I want to keep.


The thing that is the root of all

the reasons why I want to fall.

The reason why I’ve never ...

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secretshidden truthburying the truth

You Never Knew

you think you know a guy 

years, months, weeks, 

day in and day out 

conversations exchanged

how things were left unsaid

how we chose or chose not to be


how we hide behind the way we speak

how we say or don’t say

the things we mean


you think you know a guy

and suddenly he’s a stranger

you never knew his thoughts,

never knew the things he’s done,


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communicationhiding wordssecrets

As a child

As a child
Friends knocked the door
Eagerly excited
You were waiting for
To hear the question 
As it left their mouth
Asking your parents 
If you were coming out


As a child 
We’d run around
No care in the world
And acting the clown
Getting dirty
And playing in mud
Making as many adventures
As we possibly could


As a child
I was building a wall
To keep me safe
And ca...

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The opposition

Its federal. Can't open my mouth so i plead the fifth.

Nerve racking, I cant believe I did that, on foot to foot I shift.

Looking around, I wonder if they'll notice? Telling myself I need to refocus.

Don't figet and keep ignoring their pries, say that I don't know anything, don't let them see the flashbacks, the tears in my eyes.

They're federal. The opposition that'll make your life e...

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What Lies Above And Below Us

Far above us

The sky bursts into colours-

Blue, purple, grey, orange,

With red and all the hues in its range.


Miles beneath our feet

Are secrets buried,

Arcane and deep.

Their ampoules once known to everybody.


What goes overhead

Suffuses stars and their milky shells.

The departure from earth melancholic but serene,

Leaves behind shimmering trails that spe...

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I Died Yesterday...

I died yesterday

With a pen in one hand and a diary in the other. 

The latter's pages were inlaid 

With prints of my curry stained fingers, 

And splotches of tea, 

And smudges of ink, 

And spools of memories,

And streams of ridiculous cravings. 

I fashioned the contents with the loose threads 

I'd been stockpiling since forever. 

Vibrant, prismatic, but half-completed...

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Empty and Nothing

I saw your face after 8 months of absence

Could have avoided it by taking another path

But I pressed on

Faced the challenge

Saw your smile

And I felt nothing

No joy

No pain

No love

Only the regret that I gave you more than you ever deserved


I relived the moment a hundred times

I could have said so many things 

I could have taken the high road and be pleasan...

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friendslost lovesecrets

Sweet Pleasantries

A honk and a wave,

a smile greets you

not able to place the face

but you comply

exchange greetings

then she questions your well-being


Scrolling through the latest developments 

you pick an appropriate response,

‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’

She returns with the same, 

then disappears into the sea of lights


She is too kind

this is not the ...

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The rain falls

My soul weeps


All the secrets that we keep

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Sub Rosa

Where once her warm and sanguine heart

fell ashen grey to rest in cold base dirt

high over the familiar bush and shrub

proud crimson blooms pine for love  


Where their sacred beauty sings to my heart

they call forth the lovely nightingale

high in their cloudless summer sky

to sweetly sing their longing song


There, I too confess a secret yearning

silent hidden d...

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Super Snow Moon

Super Snow Moon tell us 

the secrets you keep 

when you orbit earth 

as we sleep.

Tell us it is 

an optical illusion 

adding to our mass confusion.

Tell us of war and peace,

famine and feast.

Tell us please... 

How are we so different 

when it's the same moon we see?

Oh Supermoon, how we hunger for 

your guiding light from above 

to fill us with w...

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This pain in the darkness…

It came to sudden eve to blaspheme the torment of branch through the quintessential. 

It took through the walls the solidity of ghost stories mending soul with ethereal strings and fire.

The amplitude of dust from centuries ferments in my body as life.

And, the blood seeps from the willow trees within pen as ink.

Playing into fruition heart chords drizzled...

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To the sun, we are veiled

It's the moon that sees our face.

Concealed, deep in every soul

Is a part of us; we deny to embrace!

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Is you my baby or not  ?

because you play me a lot 

like when you only come here and I can't stay at your spot 

like it aint obvious   

but I don’t get mad thats his job 

when you need a break I’m Mr. Take 5

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secretslove making

Conspiracy Imagined...close to heart,it remembers.

Its 5:30 in the morning after locking up I'm trying to get back to sleep,then I start to think. I wonder if there's such a thing as conspiracies in real life.I don't mean like huge political conspiracies or celebrity deaths etc , I'm talking about elaborate lies ordinary people tell,normal families And the extreme measures they go to ,in order to cover it up. Ok so we have heard about finding o...

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SecretsPredatorsVictimssurvivorsrepressed memoriespanic


"I don't want revenge.

I just want to make you smile"


Sometimes the truth is, we are left alone.

There is no one to go to.

Just left on your own

inside the world that makes up the collision of your heart and mind.

Each day time passes, and still you could say to me: "Your heart is mine".


Folded down in sorrow. Tears that rain into my heart.

Never leaving my eyes, ...

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lovesecretsforever silentsadnessheart


My heart is immersed in a jelly
All sounds blocked, all feeling numb

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The mute speaker

We talk.

A lot about her,

yet I know nothing about her.

She shapes words

but I hear emptiness

and all that exists her mouth is air.

She gives me carbon dioxide

but little care,

little advice or help,

little information.

Just ambiguous comments,

large words meaning nothing

and letters sounding silence.

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What will happen to us all tomorrow? Now there are so many topics that are illegal and against the law. Things like racism, ageism, bullying and a thousand other things ending in ing and ism. But what about people being spied on by America? Even their friends and allies. Isn't that bad and illegal? Like social stereotyping by law enforcement using stop and search tactics on one racial group?...

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Trash Overhead

Trash Overhead 

I live in the desert on my own little farm near the damn secret airbase where they do their testing.                                                                                                      

My grandpa saw your nuclear tests in the 50s shook our walls and gave him cancer.                                                                                         ...

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air force lifeufosalienssecretsfarm landcrashevents

Trash Overhead


Trash Overhead 

I live in the desert on my own little farm near the damn secret airbase where they do their testing.

My grandpa saw your nuclear tests in the 50s shook our walls and gave him cancer.

I sued the government and got $36,000 a fortune back then.

Re-vamped this old farm and met a girl who worked at the base,

her car broke down on the road and she became my w...

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growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We sho...

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