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Don Matthews on Puzzled Supermarket Shelf (8 hours ago)


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My fate is not in your hand

GOD makes our fates alone

Our life are surely planned

GOD feeds the ant in the stone


World is certainly small

If compared to Galaxy as shown

Whoever believes is a giant

GOD to perish the giant alone


MY heart is calm and glad

Satisfied of what I own

Whatever you earn in the dark

SURELY you'll pay it at noon


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Laugh to Live.

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Happiness, in hands for you.

If you decided, not to be sad.

As a cup of water, to drink.

To clean your thoughts, to be glad.


Sadness, does not need to broach.

It always knocks, worried heart.

But Happiness, with a golden coach.

Asks, to ride happiness cart.


The Brain is yours, “to make use”.

Positively, think of your own.

Feel your value, never abuse.


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