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Cats and Dogs


Heavens open up.

Cats and dogs cascading down.

People disappear.



My second crack at the Senryu poetry form. 3 non rhyming lines, 17 sylables arranged  5,7,5


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Unmasked - a snippet from Buzzin Bards Anthology

The following piece is a snippet from Buzzin Bards Manchester Poetry Anthology, submissions are still open at:  https://www.localgemspoetrypress.com/buzzin-bards-poetry-anthology.html


While you’re too busy being two-faced 

I’ve got one face with many layers. 

Take me at face value, or take a detour, 

reforged, like Ant Man upon my deep pores. 

Tryna get 1UP, that’s a weak score...

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Mediocre Town

The dawn never breaks, the sun never sets.

Dirty grey brown sky is as good as it gets.

Malevolent and brooding it hangs like a veil.

Twenty-three feet above the Arndale.

Where uncouth youth roam in packs.

Their flint like scowls as keen as tacks.

Malice and boredom forged the frowns.

On the not so bright future of Mediocre Town.


But don’t be fooled, these kids are scho...

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DingleberryManchesterMiddletonPerformance PoetryPoems

Under August Skies

Under August Skies


We sat around the table Mam

but none of us got fed,

for the Corn Law has been biting

and we don’t have any bread.

The mill wheels have stopped turning,

so we haven’t any jobs

and we’re under-represented

by the parliamentary nobs.


So we gathered in the field Mam,

with our banners and our flags,

and the soldiers sat in lines

with their...

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1819corn lawmanchesterparliamentary reformpeterloo massacrestate murderuprising

Manchester to Me.

A new home to Grandparents, ‘immigrants’ from Eire
A sense of community and not “them from over there!”
Neighbours blurred into family, my Mum and my Dad,
Protective eyes everywhere, show the young good from bad,

Dirt, scuffs and laughs forge irreplaceable mates,
Arguments then make-ups with r’kid until late,
A house full at me mam’s for ‘community’ meals,
Irlam Rotary provided r’kids fir...

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ManchesterManchester Arena Bombing

Sonnet M

Shall I compare thee to a Manchester summer’s day?

You’re a bit damp and soggy

I’d love to sit in your company

But the ground seems a little boggy

Outwardly bright, but temperamental

Presently fine, so I’ll risk it

As Carpe Diem is essential          

Blink and you’ve missed it

But thou art as bright as a summer’s day

Through skies laden with smog

From Ancoats, Droysl...

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The Return of 7:22 (at 7:27 )

In their wool blend suits

And Primani boots

Crusaders on a mission  

Like jockeys before the National

They jostle for position

As the 7:22 snakes into view

They anticipate her breaks

She grinds unto a squeaking halt

Before the incumbents make their escape

Hands in pockets lined in pockets

Aligned to the doors

They brace and embrace the putrid heat

Swim toward a ...

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My Cliche Rhyme

She started life as a Roman fort
And became a name synonymous with music and sport
Attracting the greats, the waifs and the strays
Providing a stage for the Babes and the raves
A settlement where three rivers meet
Where the Industrial Revolution rose to its feet
And jangly guitars discovered their beat
Where Emeline, bound, did us all proud
Where the Nazi’s dropped bombs and hatred to the ...

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One Love

One people. One voice. One Love....
United as a city, we rise above the hate.
Because these are the bricks that we built.
A labour of love. And it’s the workers’ hands
That make them great.
From the beating heart of Albert Square,
The vessel of music takes us everywhere.
It owns a bucket hat and Adidas footwear.
You can feel it alive in the streets, in the air.
Indie music. Madchester. No...

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ManchesterRed Cross Manchester

Referendum dum dum...


Referendum what a bore

The man in the street will still be poor

And the rich will be richer than before


The press will descend on Manchester

And what she declares the world will swallow

The public’s chance to change tomorrow

Leave or stay? Remain or exit?

United Europe? Or Sporting Brexit?

The lying deceitful corrupt elite

Boring yawning I’m snoring ...

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3 Write

3Write is a new free monthly writing event at the heart of the local community in Ashton-under-Lyne. It takes place every first Saturday at Ashton Library starting at Noon on Saturday 5th March, and is open to people of all ages and abilities.


The premise is 3 themes per session, and 3 styles of writing per session. We then 3Write. With the growing spoken word scene in Tameside (with big p...

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Floating in Space


I feel a bit cheeky advertising here, but one of the perils of self publishing is that if you don't take advantage of the internet, nobody will hear about your work; my book is now available as a kindle e-book or as a paperback.


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The Quiet Compere Tour 2014 Dates

The Quiet Compere Tour is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Manchester – The Three Minute Theatre - Friday 31st January 2014

York – The Cityscreen Basement Bar - Friday 28th February 2014

Birmingham – MAC Hexagon - Friday 21st March 2014

Kendal – Brewery Arts Centre - Saturday 26th April 2014

Liverpool – Blackburne House Café - Frid...

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Irregular Apocalypse

“Got 10p for a cup of tea?”

“If you show us where you can get one for that price,

I'll give you a quid”

He never did...


Irregular Apocalypse.

Lonely and irksome.

The bitter glow of jaundice

tears at society's rustic chains,

one tragedy at a time.


The Freemasons took my children,

they took my baby.”

Now she's hopping magic buses,


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Broken BritainConspiracyCrazyCrazy Bus LadyEnglandFreemasonsHeroinHeroin AddictHeroin AddictionManchesterMental IllnessMentally IllMisunderstoodNaPoWriMoReal LifeSmackSmack AddictTragedyUKUnited Kingdom

What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar? - NaPoWriMo Day 3

What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
What do you do with a drunk in GAY bar,
Early in the morning!

Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Way hay and up she rises
Early in the morning!

Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,
Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,

Tell 'im, “sorry, it's members only”,
Early in the mo...

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Anal TreatAnal TreetBidamanCanalCanal StCanal StreetEnglandGAYGAY barGAY clubGUMLGBTManchesterNaPoWriMoOpenMindREMRembrandtRentbrantSea ChantySilly SemanticsThe RembrandtUK

Our Sanctuary


enchanting  armies of harmony...Phalanxes of rhythmic phoenixes.......remixing life to art art to life dark to light death to life.......music is our sanctuary music is our life to art art to life the art of life is the heart of life...... lifes A cycle like sum hyped CD or 12 inch vinyl spiral tribes thrive.........revolutionary recital....like breath music’s vital enlightened or suicida...

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ChriSJaMmanchesterpoetryspeakeasySpoken Word

Total Art

Total Art….he art...she art……soulful hearts…..open arms…….vocal craft…..motion dance…….oceans calm…………Notions of the dark….like Napoleon….blown apart……….focus sharp…..fire opal vase……..golden mask……………ghosts of ones selves past……nations reincar…..woeful gasps…emotions scarred…..ter disa………. souls un-charred……wondering star…..melodious bars……opulent spark…….associate all parts…..ahh the holy who...

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ChriSJaMmanchesterspeakeasyspoken word

A Crying Shame


Shame - the greatest shambles; a sham

sex and guilt, beauty and modesty; molest

pitted in the stomach like acid,

spat swallowed pity, feeding starvation, an unquenchable famish, unsensibly sore

malnourished habits die hard, and lonely, resentfully

twisting and turning and diving, deprived


Lies for eyes, for ears and the nose; twitch

flies on the flesh of ...

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Berlin Tokyo War Hearts live poem set@isis levenshulme

Berlin Tokyo War Hearts live poem set
my ongoing tour of my new book was a live set of poems in Isis cafe, Levenshulme, Manchester on June 25 2012.  my book is out on lulu.com, look for Berlin Tokyo War Hearts by Nick Armbrister... i'll next be live at Gullivers, Manchester on july 5. the group theme was freed...

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berlin tokyo warheartsisis at levenshulmemanchesternick armbrister livepoems

Cheaper to Bang, a split ticket saga.

For those who don't know Bang Said The Gun is a hugely successful performance poetry event which has run in London for over 10 years. Just over a month ago an intrepid bunch of Mancunian poets attempted to transfer its uniquely rowdy weekly format to the North West. As one of the first poets to be invited to headline, what follows are the travails of an artist attempting to keep down travel...

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Bang said the gunLondonManchesterTrains

Gerry Potter interviewed by Dominic Berry about 'THE MEN POMES'

'The Men Pomes' by Gerry Potter
8pm, 29.2.12 - 3.3.12
Studio Salford, Kings' Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford £7 / 5
Tickets can be bought on the night at the door or bought online http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_northwest&query=schedule&venue=kingsarmssalford&month=1&day=29&year=112&interface=kingsarmssalford

Creator of Chloe Poems and writer of smash hit play 'Miracle', Gerry Potte...

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Pretty Homeless

Pretty homeless.
Her caramel complexion told not the stories she did not tell,
Nor did I ask.

No bucked teeth,
No smack-banged jitters
mixed with incoherent stutters...
but beauty in the most surprising of places.

Piccadilly Gardens on a sunny Mancunian afternoon
the busy city stands in shock
at the thought that anything can happen.

Without the badge such beauty w...

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Doomed to repeat itself?

The shop fronts are bordered up where only weeks ago a town sparked with life,

Deserted streets people no longer content to roam.

Ghosts of the riot prowl the corners,

A wall of rememberance thoughts of a City that was once great.

Touching messages from a loved one,

Quotes from the words of stars, do they understand their meaning or is it just a repeated parroted back phrase...

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in the crepuscular wash of sodden November

ambiguous buildings in damp lethargy

lean over militant shoulders

umbrella bonneted

cast eyes glare pavement blinded

pragmatic heels bark through pools

dogged determination

crammed trams and insular buses

wheels hissing


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I come to again

in this hotel room dark

where paranoia eats the curtains

like a fleet of moths


the wine and whiskey in my bloodstream

laying plans with my enemy hormones,

chemical defence

to make my body

shuck my soul, leave me

just another zombi

in the low sun light of day


so inviting

this annihilation



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gender/sexualityManchesteroverwrought languagesubstance abuse

The Village

It has lost its spark,

Its draw and lure

Like the one night stand from a lusty bed.

No longer a moth to the pink booze-fuelled flame.

The vacuous occupants of hot and heavy bars,

Attract me less and less.

Distant are the memories of the great night out,

The random in that bar, the flirt and the pull in the other.


They all seem so young and insignificant now


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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

Please ensure it rains on Sunday morning

For the rain washes away the shame

Of the city streets,

Neutralises the urine,

Disperses the vomit

And makes us clean again.


Pure and untainted rain

The antithesis of the city

Transparent and true

Falling without discrimination

On the people and ground below.


Sunday morni...

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Detective Novel

There was nobody else here
the body said
without leaving any clues
like a detective novel would.

There was no cold murder
with the thrust of
a steel knife
and no silent voilence
that stung in the night.

This body lay there un-found
with a zen like silence
for long than it could remember
staring at the moon-light
the sun-light
and then the moon-light again

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