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Mmmmmm, she said
and only I knew what she meant
Mmm, she said
and then she sounded mad
Hmmmm, she said
in clearest tone of inquisition
Hmm, she said
as if she didn't know what to say
You see
I know what you mean
You don't need to say
But could you please
It would mean the world to me

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promises, promises

promise me, darling,

when you’ve moved out and moved on

when this endless summer

becomes a misty-edged memory,

promise that you won’t forget me.

fall into an easy love with some girl

who deserves you more than i ever could,

but promise when you look in her eyes

that sometimes you’ll see a glimmer

of me in her, and you’ll wonder

what i look like now, what i’m doing,


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