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⚡ Thunderstorms ⚡

Running through my head
Rumbles getting louder
Scared things might be said
Hide away in a closet
Because the sound is so loud
Hide from the truth
Because the truths not allowed
Thunderbolts they are striking
Flashbacks of a lad
A childhood in silence
Adolescence was sad
But storms they get stronger
They gain strength with time
The rain is now pouring
I’ve a hurricane m...

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Take off your top hat.

Greet the ladies with a sincere smile.

Bow to them.

Do not let them see your chest!



Tease them,

You ARE a boy

I AM a girl-


Lift up your chin,

Let me sink my teeth,

Deep, into your Adams apple

My boy,

I’ll rot you to the core.


Mine, my doll, my darling-

Let me twirl your tight curling locks

I am hidden,


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