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No Time For Mistakes.


I wish I could reach into my head and

Squeeze you from my brain.

Like as if I could leave our little patch of history in a pool by my feet,

And watch memories sweep the floor like tiny sand storms.

I wish I could replace our words with silence,

Our touches with atmosphere,

And our love with repulsion but you ripped my soul from my chest and took it with you,


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For My Unloved


For My Unloved


I will not write you a poem, for it is likely that you do not read.


I will not perform a song for you, for I cannot sing

or bring myself to learn these things.

my voice is that of a washing machine gurgling.


Let it be known!


I will not crush the stars into lanterns to light your darkness

don’t be stupid.

Nor will I mak...

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forlovedm.r. wallismaxthe for seriesunlovedwallis

For Dicks

For Dicks

There are so many people with their dicks out on the net

I don’t want to watch a man wank off on Chatroulette

or see you sell your wares on interweb gaylairs, cock out

arse up, backwards lean, angles gleam’d to make you look

good.  No, thanks, I will not ‘post my cock pix pls’.


At least in a way there’s dignity in porn you see

for some might say at...

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