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My Friend

this mummifying is so glorious

give me the bandages to bury his face,

his closing caricature and the,

the one I desired to decorate

in seconds we slipped to the hours

holding jokes with steady smirks.

Sometimes I doubt we were sober

perchance drunk on endorphins,

fleeting his sorrow in airless punches,

ironic the satire we spoke fell flat,

spiked us stoned and still w...

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She hid in my chambers 

Stored her music in right atrium

As quiet as she stayed

The songs she would whisper 

Danced loudly in my veins 

I tried to drown her lyrics out

But the blood rushed all of

Her secrets to my brain

Every ventricle has coagulated 

Memories that are clinging to

Walls inside my heart

Causing sclerosis clouding my 

Better judgment to push her a...

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hearthiddenLovesecrettwin flame

I am not locked up, I am the lock.

I am keeping a secret with myself

for myself,

clutching it within like a bird’s claw,

the carrier pigeons have been shot,

guess I forgot to warn the men with rifles,

suppose it wasn’t a clay pigeon after all.

My mouth is a gold crested envelope,

my lips are licked with wax:

they are an inked kiss,

the pout is the stamp,

my mind is the scroll:

bound and bound,


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behind the maskfeminismhiddeninternalpowerfulprivacysecretstrongword play


My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

Feels like I am falling from 9000ft

A rollercoaster with no end

& when I am with you it begins to ascend

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.


may be hidden and discreet, 

but it's the only way it can avoid defeat.

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A Dream Come True

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can now fi...

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Hidden Acrostic Poem

entry picture














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What is hiding inside your cupboard? Out sight and mind, forgotten about. Could there be a stolen stash of cash from a bank job that was never recovered? Or an antique Webbley pistol from World War One? Worth three grand. Maybe a small enchanted gold necklace lurks there which belonged to a real witch. Does she miss it? An old piece of paper with a faded love poem wrote in purple ink...

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cupboardhiddenjunkold stuffvaluable

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