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Jiminy Cricket

I embody the greed that I despise,

When I try looking at things through my own eyes,

And what I was made to be,

But now there are no strings on me.

So, I am at liberty to disgrace my natural tendencies,

They call it: “Bending over backwards to be nice.”

Because the irrepressible us

Keeps me awake at night.

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Also by Ferris Taylor:

Work (or at least one aspect of it for some boys) | Drunk Dad | Angry One | My Father's Father | Beth II | Beth | How I Feel and Possibly Nothing Else |




Inhaling the chill of the night,

My pace quickens.

I soon realize where I am.


Time stops.


Exhaling fears, anxiety, stress.

My heart slows.

I notice the sound of a train in the distance.


Time resumes.


Inhaling the scent of pine tree and oil.

My thoughts race.

I remember the diner just past the railroad tracks.


But time stops again.



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Also by invisible:

Priorities |

The Surrogate Writer

The Surrogate Writer


My thoughts could never languish

as does my mortal frame

As my mind is a perpetual

cascade of ideas each which

indent themselves in my complexity

Words are in a flurry

as snowflakes dance about

Phrases interlock and call

to be heard and remembered

Intense activity inhabits

and pervades my thinking

capacity, relentless in 

a desire, a...

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Also by keith jeffries:

What we do... | Two in One | A Dormitory Town | Black Lives Matter? | The Nation State | Steam | Lowered | Trumpit | Not Included | Refugees | Stop | The Spirit | Existence & Purpose | Before you..... | Abused to abuser | Trust | Damned | The Second World | Trees | Stand up | An Allotted Time | Despair | Duplicity | Where the heart is... | They are ours | The Serpent | Dunkirk - then and now | A Refugee Family | Human Nature |


I love to watch things burn,

especially when I have helped to light the match.

The cold indifference with which I observe

the cumbling framework of buildings I once lived in

is matched only by the intensity of the heat of flame.


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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

Last Tuesday |

Let it go

Do you feel like round peg trying to push in square?
Where you can't fit in mold that others did design
Being called abnormal by popular baseline
Yet being genius under your steady care

Wanting the best of you in every moment
Being in your own core, clear mind and a sane soul
To make proper judgement of your values to goal
As you guide your actions, your thoughts and your movements


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Also by Louis Audet:

Parent-Teacher meeting | The duet | Partnership | At Community Center | Living Past | Tragedies | Our great land | To my grand-daughters | Bright Light | Where will it go? | Apology | Thoughts written down | Solitude | Vivre | La chance qu'on a | Truth hurts | Question of life | La tasse | The dream that lasts | Seeing with open eyes | The college years | The longing night | The release | Friday - Retreat | Thursday - Retreat | Wednesday - Retreat | Tuesday - Retreat | Monday- Retreat | Sunday- Retreat | Sexless Marriage |

happy ever after

Happy Ever After

Dad, lit the Christmas tree used proper candles,

My mother complained about the fire- hazard, this annoyed my

dad who opened the window threw out the tree then peed on the flapping

curtains which, had caught fire.

The tree landed foot down and looked pretty in the snow.

The police came took dad away, they wished happy Christmas.

When the gin bottle was empty, ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

the jester | the social life | to my child | the master sailor | candy bar | Nazi time | a lovers lament | (untitled) | the marriage | week end in Cascais | the invisible | grateful | at the surgery | decline | dream makers | the wasteland | racism 1952 | fadista | innocence lost | Pegasus | the intervention | white eagle |

The Final Witness

Shallowly sagging in vicious winds of a cold autumn night,

The grass vibrates me a tune as I wander forwards through green and yellow forest,

Blissful mist of rain creating small fluorescent puddles on my skin.


The acidic thorns of men once stood behind the walls of fantasy seeping into the water,

Scorching my skin,

Red splotches ooze remnants of a world once to have been seen ...

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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Dad | Yet again, truly alone |




Time is infinite now
music carries the essence 
of a soul like an echo inside
repeating rhythmically 
drumming through history 
thud thud thud comes the love 
blue red is my blood
blue was the colour 
I caught from above

like a train in my brain 
acid rain stains colour 
reclaims the lights flash 
either side a fairground ride 
alive inside my mind 
feels always like 
I'm crashing i...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

WordPlay | PaperMate (explicit) | Blunt | Scattered Matter | Clay | Amber |


artist musingsInfinitymusictime


My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

Feels like I am falling from 9000ft

A rollercoaster with no end

& when I am with you it begins to ascend

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.

My Heart Beat Beat Beat.


may be hidden and discreet, 

but it's the only way it can avoid defeat.

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Also by Meme Warburton:

Selfishly Human |



The Prettiest Girl in the Co-op

You were the prettiest girl in the Co-op.

You said it yourself, to the lad on the other till,
when I was in the queue.
You were just messing around, of course,
flirting a little, perhaps,
but it was true.

You asked me once, as you scanned my sausages,
if the sun had gone down yet.
You said you were starving.
I told you it hadn’t, and knew what it meant -
that a couple of drinks in th...

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You stare through the silence 

Eyes still, in the night

Disguised in the shadows

cast down,by moonlight 

You gaze to the maze                             

of humanities sprawl  

Then into the alleys and 

dark places you crawl

You hunt, by the moon

Stealthy and light 

You are the boogeyman 

that hides in the night

Long are your fingers 

Skeletal tools

For p...

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Unforgotten Tune | Nightmare | Away from the sun | Stygian stare | Fake News | Haunted | Tomorrow | Harvest |

DOWN BY THE MEWSTONE - audio version

Come with me to the small car park by the fields of Higher Brownstone high above Kingswear and the

River Dart in South Devon where the track to the old World War Two coastal defences is marked by a

solitary tree.  Breathe in the salty air and step out down that track towards the sea.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

ENGLISH HILLS - an audio version | DON'T MENTION THE ENGLISH! | DANCING IN THE DARK | PULLING DOWN STATUES | TOLERANCE | HUG | STUPID IS | LAST POST - closing the book | YESTERDAY ONCE MORE - a re-post for the summer hols! |

The New Boy

I gave him everything that I didn’t even know I had

More than just what’s on the outside

He knows my soul, inside and out

He can play a trivia game about me with me, and I know he’ll still beat me

He knows the way I fidget my fingers when I’m anxious

He noticed the way my  lips would curl when I always wanted to laugh in a serious situation

He’s the only one that knows till this ...

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The wind has been playful all day

along the castellations of the coastline

ducking down behind signs

aquaplaning through valleys

puffing deckchairs inside out


brushing the pelts of heather and vetch

forcing his attentions

fancying his chances


troubling those in age's advances

and like all young souls has worn himself out

hands deep in air pockets



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Also by ray pool:


Fucking Kids

Fucking kids


When I was you and you were me

We wouldn't've liked the same things 


You're much smarter than me

And don't the patience for such trivialities


There are twice as many people around

All with their own desires and dreams 


We need to make way for them

Romantic fantasies to the contrary


When I was you and you were me

I liked simpler th...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

End of Summer | Sunga is here | Pillow & Clock | Dream Country | Cocooning | Dreams keep me up all night | Bodies of Questions | Fascist Haircut | The Quality of our Solitude | Pictures of people having fun | Your Great Indifference |

Voices in my head(pt 1)

entry picture


You dance with tears in your eyes

They dont see past your peircing lies

and as each one dies

so you continue to rise.

You're playing games

but you arent bothered by fame,

and as you dance in the flames

they cant understand the games you play.

Some nights you dance alone at night

with tears in your eyes,

no music playing

trying to keep your demons at bay


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Also by Eseosa:

S.K.I.N | Lost entity pt 1 |



we congregate

at 3am

huddled, not with hands together,

(no one prays out loud)

in silent supplication to whatever

can remove us from this hour


we do not have our hands together

prayers are whispered inwardly

desperation tethered to the tiny tips of light

as they hurtle down from high above

this no smoking arena


we do not pray out loud

this ensembl...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Surprise | True Colours (with apologies to Cyndi) |

We Are Them


     They are poor old creatures washed up from the sea
-best not look- or might they be waiting...
who can say... the last word of the comedy
     to hurl themselves through the waves, and end it?
Either way nothing to do with us.
One tries a word-search puzzle, one drifts off in the shade.
     The ebb and the flow
          a gentle tide plays.

     We accompany ourselves with gr...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Love's Creature | Old Beacon Wood | Poet And Poetry | Brexit Update (August 2017) | A Figure Stood |

you just chime in me

entry picture

"Who you are I know not,
The place of pilgrimage you hail from
you make me wonder
How you tune yourself to the rhythm of the world of mine!
Bringing me beneath your canopy
while the cloud outshine the sky
you just catch the glimpse of the smiling sun
Tell me what austerity
spread the trap of the peace!
you just melt my ego into
your fragrance of love
I know the pride you too are endowed...

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Trying to get my boyfriend to understand me

is like trying to teach a duck to do hop scotch

He is divorce of my needs

all he sees is his wants

I don't think it is out of cruelty

just how he is...

He is such a man and I am such a girl

we collide

He wears sarcasam like a second set of skin

his badge of honor is being a smart ass

I tend to be gullible and soft hearted


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Also by lynn hahn:


The stopped man

entry picture


I saw a man stopped in the street

he stood there rooted in his feet,

I’d seen him slow, his shoulders fall

I’d felt that halt and hit that wall.


I’d seen him talking to himself

while staring at a burdened shelf,

then wander out not making purchase

I saw a man surrender purpose


I stood a while and fixed his eye

and felt his hopeless silent cry

and in him...

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Also by Wolfgar:

A descent to madness | Snowflakes and Embers | Re-sow | Two old comics meet in heaven | Stop Press! | Dead poets | Grandad's advice | Air Strike | Priceless | Obituary | Invisible issues | Contemplating a visit to Sussex Gardens | Shelves | Camomile | On Trundle Hill |

Reflections on Humanity (and Other Things Too)

The potential of the plant is in the seed.

The potential of the animal is in the egg.

How could I perceive myself

As greater than the seed or the egg?

Just because I'm human?

The 'thinking' animal, you say.

Reason and dexterity – and all that jazz!

Minute manipulation of mind and limb

Spinning the wheel of species' progress.


But, you know, if you put a mark on a whe...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

'Puttin' on the Ritz' |


By: Mirza Sharafat

Khushboo se mehakta aisa hi sansaar hota
ye mosam mere yaha har baar hota

tujhe manaana baar baar sirf hunar hai mera
tera roothna phir kis qadar dushwaar hota

tu kar chuka hai soda emaan ka, ehsaas ka
bawajood iske tu kabhi sharamsaar hota

fakhr e talwaar wo, qatil e kufaar hota
youm e ashoor hamrah Hussain ke Mukhtaar hota

tu haar chuka hai baazi Sharafat ki jung me

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Also by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh:

Raaz | Aisa Kyu | Kohl |



armyashamedashurabloodshedemotionshazrat mukhtaarimam hussainlongingmuharramsentimentsspring seasonsulky


I don't have words for you.

Three years and I've always wondered when I'd finally write about you. 

Do you even see me? 

Do you even see who I really am, or do you only know me on the surface?

Can you feel my dreams, my happiness, my desperation, my passion? 

I am not the kind of person 
You can look right through. 

But somehow you manage to do it.

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Star |

missing you

Missing you, since you've been away

Long to hear your mmm's and whispers

Soon again in my ear

Feel the vibrations, and your breath on my skin

For now it's words or face on a screen

The face I want to take in my hands and kiss

To forget about these separations, months at a time

Standing at the airport, waiting anxiously

To feel your arms around me as we meet

The crowd tur...

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entry picture

He put some hours in at the Abbey, did Luuk.  Just as a volunteer, you understand.  Mostly in the café but he’d lend a hand humping and shoving if heavier work needed it.

He was Dutch and spoke good English with that clipped precision of his countrymen.  His biggest giveaway were “S’s” which, like many other Dutch people he pronounced “Sh”.  He was a big bloke and always eating and I remember h...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

My friend hurts and there's nothing I can do. Time stood still for you… and I was sleeping Forgiving me is not in my scheme of things. Your world crumbled … I was not there. Through silly vibrations I awoke to a world so different…. So sad….so silent and empty. The news come and I SCREAM your name wishing… the loudness would shatter this nightmare But I am awake and it’s not a dream, “you lost you...

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Also by Shaakiera Schroeder:

Silence Needed | Everything self; Beneath the surface | Powermoves and Hope... Leaps above all : The story of one BBoy steps of hope. A Super BBoy who possess the power to fly, but all he wants to do is dance! A BBoy called Mickey. | Tears, Earned | Still | I Am Alive | An Introduction, a glance into my soul | Choosing to stay. | Remembering, Me...Woman Infinite. | Rise Up...Live Your Truth | Conspiracy Imagined...close to heart,it remembers. | Pieces of Freedom; A personal perspective on Freedom and the deeply intimate significance of the powerful influence it silently wields in my life. | All Poems of Shaakiera Schroeder |


commitmentfriendshiploss of a childselfless love

September Memories

Prose intro.

I can feel September this morning.

Standing here on the balcony.

" Welcome cooling breeze "  I breath in deeply.

Locuts buzzing in the trees

The flowers in the garden, going to seed.


Memories of childhood,  came surgeing throug the years, Appearing in the present, I knew that you'd be here. There I am, a Boy, in the old backyard In long  ago Septemb...

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Also by terry l shuff:

Right of Passage | Pathetic utterings | who knows? | Natures Music | The vision | Home | Autumn's Encore | Bond of Love | Their. LAST | could do no more | know your self with in | Right of passage | The Antique store | Gossimer sanctuary | Realities fixed price | Haiku |

Privately Poetic

Say these words aloud?

Never would I dare.

I closed my eyes

imagining that you were standing there.

I wrote down words of passion

and words that set me free.

I hoped for what could happen

though we could never be.

But on my notebook pages

I am free to roam.

You are here with me

and I am not alone.

I feel you take my hand 

and hold it ever tight

In my world...

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Also by Lyrical Lexa:

Summer Rain | White Night | For You |


Talking Asperger in Holland’s gutter
women for men
man-hiding in scab wombs
smell the dad perfume
childlessness disease
restless rights and south paws breaking Pentagon’s cyber world
devise numerical love

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Also by Paul Welsh:

90% polyester | Glasgow bolt on |


Beat Poetrypoempoetryverse

The Controller of Life

The controller of life

Everyday we see levels of control
From the day we gain consciousness
To the day we lose vitality.
it causes our blood to boil
But then let's our air flow freely
Yet no matter what
there is only one.
One controller to decide if we live or die
One controller to see how hard we try
One controller to test our faith
One controller to keep us safe
One controller to feed us bread
One contro...

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On leave

There is no velvet at the front,
you’ll find no chairs, no fabrics,
seldom see a cooking pot, and

bars of scented soap seem drastic.
Out on patrol it’s hard indeed
to pass a day as God intended

when our lives are made fantastic
by sudden shocks which temper us,
make us strong, if frantic.

Then back at home, we’re castaways,
standing in white, fitted kitchens
with the business of g...

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(Now that the antibiotics are begining to fail, this might be a good time

again for this little `warner` which was written as an answer to a poem

by Liverpool Scene poet Sid  Hoddes who wrote a funny poem called

(I think) `The promiscuity Calypso`...which played entertainingly on the 

way he ended the word promiscuity.)




(Promiscuity, promiscuity

It isn`t a sin...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

a sin against the spirit | Betty in a windy sunset. |


entry picture

Ruling the roost,

makes me boost,

can be induced,

after I was introduced.

Narcisst I am,

sweet as jam,

either you say it ham,

or censure it sham.

 But now infra dig,

to see my headway big,

adict following like frigg,

is the reason behind my trig?

Whatever the intellect be,

juxtapose to open sea,

life is ongoing glee,

flying like a bird free!

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The Royal Free

The Royal Free hums its energetic life

As I sit musing in my garden

A background drone always there

As the hospital is always open for care

It's summer so the trees mask its physical presence 

Just the joined up sound of health and excellence

We moved here with two small boys

And thought being near The Free might be handy

Energetic boys in an energetic city

Who knows the...

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Also by IanQ:

The power of a place | My boys |


boyscaringhospitalRoyal Free

A Northern Greeting

There are some things I can't tolerate first thing on a morn
I don't mind a cockerel crowing to greet a fresh new dawn
But today I had roll my eyes and felt sad and forlorn 
'cos I woke to find three UFOs had landed on my lawn

Now, normally, I'd be the type to calmly count to three
take a deep breath, put on a smile, then the kettle to make tea
But all I could think this morning was 'bloody ...

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Also by David Lindsay:

From Afar |

Future Voice


Future Voice


looking back

the signs were there

all around us


we did not understand that when

the seasons forgot to change

people would forget to love


exhausted by climbing money fed dreams

we could not hear

the last short breaths of small things

and although we knew the song of bees

grew quieter with every year

we had no time to listen


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Also by Karen Ankers:

Unbound | I Was Born With Too Many Echoes | In That Minute | What We Do Not See |

Haiku: Longing

Singing stream dances

Winsomely blissful waltz

Still pebble laments

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Haiku: Ant | Haiku: The Entertainer | Storm Coming | Environmentally Unfriendly | Pact | Haiku: (Al)literally |

The mean spoke your name

Spikes of chance

Forgive themselves

In the noise

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Also by Chunks and Marrow:

Drown the brakes |

Remember when

Remember when the days seemed to go on forever, the smell of watermelon grass and endless summer nights...the music you felt inside your heart, that fist kiss that left you feeling airy and light? How i long for that rush of innocent bliss...a walk hand in hand or an innocent kiss, the naivity that came with our unassuming youth..just being happy in what we thought was actually the truth. Summer n...

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Also by Heidi:

Reflection with Hope | Tired |

THe Many names of rain

Precipitation within sight
Rain, drizzle, mizzle
Soft weather, mucky weather
‘The Smoky Smirr o Rain’
Liquid sunshine
Slow words, gentle
But it was spitting this morning
Pitter patter, splash, splish, splodge, squelch
And it bucketed down last night
A torrent,  raining cats and dogs
Not a light soaking rain
Squalling, hailing and sleeting
Flooding, flowing, swamping
A deluge chucking ...

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In Another Room

entry picture

How easy it is to lapse

into false memory

lying awake deepening the grooves

of a thought over and over.

Was it really you in that room all those years ago?

Lent over a desk on a hot summer night

listening to the quietened sounds

of a humming city,

feeling closer than ever

to all that was vital in life

as a woman whose thoughts

you couldn't fathom

lay meters from...

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Also by Tom Harding:

Harvesting | Late Summer | Balcony |

What our love has to say

She:          Like a sky seems so close 

                  but so far from our imagination


He:           So close year so far 

                So vast and yet so near


She:        So kind that doesnot appear

               Everything that seems true suddenly disappears

               You can never feel what she feels 

               Its so hard and an impossible deal


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Also by Dipta Gomes:

Tears that Speak | Words of my Life | Within My Mind | Sweetness of You | Falling in Love | My joys of Love | The Pain I bear | Watery Eyes | Melted Ice | Dreams And Stars | The love in Me | Sleepless Nights |

When I Die

When I die, mourn not my passing
But celebrate my life.
If you knew me, then I knew you too,

And you touched my life
- As I touched yours.

Throw a stone into a pond
And ripples spread in ever widening circles.
So the ripples of my life spread
- To touch the lives of many others.

But in my turn I was touched
- By the many ripples of your lives -
And for that I thank you all.
For you h...

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Also by Richard Hartley:

Fishing for Poets |



I guess he was

just no good at it:

stood on every board

that creaked,

banged his knee

on the coffee table,

collided with silver;

he might as well have

worn a striped T-shirt

and carried a sack

marked swag.

So when they caught

him, sprawled

in the rose bush

and led him away

he still hung on

to his dream

and vowed to try


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Also by john short:



Your kiss fortold a thousand lies
Your touch left me wanting you more
Your passion left me without a heart
You tore me in two
But yet like the fool I was I came back for more

You left me reeling in a pain, a pain I have never felt before
The slicing through my insecurities my own demons which you enjoyed
You took the very life out of me and while my lips where still red with breathe you d...

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Also by Anna Marie Grinter:

poor little lambs |

Does the oak of autumn

Does the oak of autumn 

hold dearly to every leaf?

too cool the temp’ture,

too little the light,

time of the season not to be tangled with,

if life be worth living beyond the now,

look, see the cycling of what is,

may it be firm guidance for the how.


listen, feel what’s in the space,

the senses were here long before the me,

use the I as transcendental tool

to ...

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Also by Chesley:

All that we can see | A Clearing in a Wood |


Aimless, sifting through moments

On a wish that didn't come

Sun to moon, moon to sun

The proof gets easier to drink

What goes to waste is the taste

The drug of choice was you

The high unaffordable, the destination unavoidable

Reaching hands warmer than what you offer, except

for the in thought of what once was

And those thoughts---we lived!

Urgency pushes, and the for...

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Also by Anthony Coviello:

Untitled | Untitled | Alpha | Work | With Ease | Untitled | Any Day | Loose | Finn | Untitled | Sound | Noise | No More! | Valley | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled | It's Only Blood | Ignite | Keys | Known To Be True | Of All The Beauty In The World | Setting Suns |

Song Of Your Underground

entry picture

Song Of Your Underground

This will be the song of your underground
A tune that will reach you six feet below
A tune that will reach you above and beyond
I hope you hear every note I sing

Your energy still gets the best of me
There are portraits of your face
Posted up on the timid walls of my mind
So I don't have to get over you

It's called death because it's the end
And there were moment...

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Also by Keith Williams:

Butterscotch Girl |


death loss friendlossmissingsinging songs

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