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Your touch is something i simply cant explain.

skin tight, skin deep, to close, i feel your breath all over me

Your warmth and moist is soaked up by my skin.

He cant take his eyes of me, Dont!

He runs his palms all over my skin, admiring all my imperfections.

As the water sowly falls, the night gets deeper,

i feel your lips on my areola

it provides such pleasure.

Youre rock hard, im rock steady.

You can feel my river flow, heart pounding

You play in my fountains,

skin to skin,

clothed in darkness.

As you thrust into me, i welcome you.

You reach into the bottom of my fountain, 

Slowly working your way to my peak.

Rock it steady,

till the river flows

and the springs dry up.

Skin to skin, kiss me

Rock it till the water falls.

Plant your seed inside

let me water it.

At that moment you and i become one,

one body, one soul,one mind, one entity,

Exchanging angels and demons,

Feeling eachothers sorrows and happiness,

skin deep, mountain high

Open up the gates and let the river flow,

in this moment 1+1 equals us.

◄ Lost entity pt 1

Voices in my head(pt 1) ►


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keith jeffries

Sat 19th Aug 2017 19:38

Hello Eseosa, A poem of passionate eroticism graphically described. You have done well to write about a subject which many find it difficult to even address. Thank you. Keith

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