Reflections on Humanity (and Other Things Too)

The potential of the plant is in the seed.

The potential of the animal is in the egg.

How could I perceive myself

As greater than the seed or the egg?

Just because I'm human?

The 'thinking' animal, you say.

Reason and dexterity – and all that jazz!

Minute manipulation of mind and limb

Spinning the wheel of species' progress.


But, you know, if you put a mark on a wheel

Anywhere except dead centre,

The spot goes forwards-backwards-up-down

As the wheel circles to make a progressive track

A line presumably straight as from Point A to Point B.

The wheel itself is in constant motion of progress/regress.


I mention this 'observation'

Because of the metaphor: 'The Wheel of Progress'

Which carelessly presumes no other direction

Than forward

When the whole notion is really quite convoluted.


Our 'spot of humanity' on the Big Wheel

May be at a point more of inanity

Than an identity with a purpose

For continued evolution;

An insanity of illusion that we possess

Total superiority of mind and matter

Over all things upon the crust of Earth

And above

And below.

Annihilation of humanity as we know it

Would only seed a different creation.

I think we must keep a very close eye

(Perhaps a trigger-happy finger)

On Artificial Intelligence.

And flesh-eating plants.

And cockroaches.



Well, this has been fun -

A little exercise in 'brain-farting' to no perceived end.

God be with you, as in 'Good-bye.'

(Did you know that? Kind of neat, I think. Very humbling.)

Just for the record, all I've had is a cup of tea.

But a fine growth, with rich body.

Stimulating it was, at 3:00 in the afternoon.



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Tue 29th Aug 2017 17:37

Intriguing tumbling of thoughts like one of those turn the handle raffle barrels to see what destiny may be picked out! Who is turning the barrel - and whose turn is it in the barrel. I think this is just a playful but interesting whirling Cynthia. What I always believe on a more serious note is that we exist in a spiral universe which never repeats itself so every moment poses something new. So there!!


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 29th Aug 2017 17:17

I probably need my head examined, as my Dad used to say, in despair. And I'm POSTING IT.

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