Watery Eyes

Breathing your last with roses and byes


Still with shines of light in your eyes

My heart leaps to see you before you die

It fills with vastness in my mind

When I see your watery eyes


What do you want to say

What can I do to pay

Tell me the truth to speak

Should I repent for what I had been

When u speak through your watery eyes


Tell the thing you know

Even that I have nothing to show

To prove how it hurts to see

Sadness that cries

Through your watery eyes.


Things that are nice and true

Just and virtuous in every thing we knew

Nothing to hide and nothing to fly

Nothing to fear for being a lie

Tell the thing that you want to say

Tell me one last thing you say

Through your watery eyes.



Sadness of losing a friend .....

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Dipta Gomes

Sat 5th Aug 2017 03:00

Thanks Keith... ?

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keith jeffries

Fri 4th Aug 2017 21:58

Dipta, This poem has a beautiful ring of sincerity which is coupled with a very appropriate style. Thank you. Keith

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